Meet the SafeZone Trainers

Intercultural & Diversity Affairs Trainers

picture of Jalen MimsJalen Mims

Coordinator, Intercultural and Diversity Affairs Center

Office: STU 320I
Phone: 615-898-5812
Email: / 
PGPs: He/Him/His



Additional Trainers


Photo of Christy Sigler

Christy Sigler

Deputy Title IX Coordinator/Investigator

Office: Cope 220
Phone: 615-904-8054
PGPs: She/Her/Hers

My hobbies include ballroom dancing, gardening, cooking, and traveling. I served 5 years in the Army before finishing college and law school. I spent most of my career as an attorney serving victims of child abuse and neglect, then became an investigator at MTSU. Having been exposed to many individuals’ accounts of mistreatment, I was glad to find that our campus has a SafeZone program to support LGBT+ persons and cultivate a respectful environment here.

Erin Ritchie

Erin Ritchie

Secretary 3, MTeach

Office: Midget 101
Phone: 615-494-8673
PGPs: She/Her/Hers

Students have a rough enough time in college as it is, so I wanted to make a mark by trying to educate as many university personnel possible on LGBT+ issues as a trainer for the safe zone program. I work with future educators and I also wanted to be a point of contact for the students that will be teaching, so they can be comfortable and knowledgeable with the many ways youth may identify themselves. 

Photo of Maigan Wipfli

Maigan Wipfli

Director, June Anderson Center for Women and Nontraditional Students

Office: STU 330O
Phone: 615-898-2193
PGPs: She/Her/Hers

I enjoy being a Safe Zone Trainer because everyone deserves to be respected and feel valued. Everyone can also learn a lot from a Safe Zone training, whether they know it or not. Feel free to stop in Student Union 340, or make an appointment if you need to talk! It can be about anything (cats, crafts, the Green Bay Packers….) I’m available!

Natonya Listach photo

Natonya Listach

Senior Instructor and Assistant Director of Forensics

Office: Jones Hall 211
PGPs: She/Her/Hers

LGBT+ students deserve to have safe and supportive faculty and staff members to help them navigate their collegiate years and Natonya strives to be that place for her students. She is a senior instructor in the Communication Studies department and her research focuses on rhetoric, race, and gender. She is also the Assistant Director of Forensics and coaches students in individual events. Drop by her office to talk about speech and debate, theater, or anything that’s creative!

Photo of William Langston

William Langston

Professor, Psychology Department

Office: Jones Hall 100
Phone: 615-898-5489
PGPs: He/Him/His

Dr. William Langston is a psychology professor at Middle Tennessee State University. Dr. Langston’s research explores the psychology of belief. As part of his research program, Dr. Langston is a ghost investigator and has visited some of the most haunted places in the world. Dr. Langston is also the advisor to MT Lambda (MTSU’s all-inclusive LGBT+ student organization). Dr. Langston was one of the original MTSU Safe Zone trainers and is a trainer for the program to ensure that every student feels a part of the MTSU community wherever they go on campus.