Contact Housing & Residential Life

Housing and Residential Life welcomes your questions and comments.

You can reach us by phone at:

Main Housing Office 615-898-2971
Corlew Desk 615-898-4542
Cummings Desk 615-898-4201
Deere Desk 615-898-4202
Lyon Desk 615-898-4160
Monohan Desk 615-898-4159
Rutledge Desk 615-898-4322
Scarlett Desk 615-904-8068
Smith Desk 615-898-5044
Womack Desk 615-898-2858


Housing Staff

The staff of Housing & Residential Life welcomes your comments and questions. Following is a list of administrators and area coordinators along with their email addresses.

Name Title Email Address
Amy Korstange Associate Director, Residential Education
Alonzo Bouldin Assistant Director, Operations
Catherine Deal Coordinator of Housing Assignments
  Coordinator of Conference Housing  
Steven Clippard Coordinator of Microcomputing
Daniel Wynne Assistant Director, Facilities
  Coordinator, Custodial Operations  
Scott Hendricks Area Coordinator for Monohan, Schardt, Reynolds
Paige Hbrosky Resident Director for Monohan, Schardt, Reynolds
  Resident Director for Monohan, Schardt, Reynolds  
Gabrielle Whisenton Area Coordinator for Cummings
Jurinda Ayala Resident Director for Cummings
John Alderson Area Coordinator for Womack and Greek Row
Jasmine Anderson Resident Director for Greek Row
Owen Tadych Resident Director for Greek Row
Tyra Hawkins Resident Director for Womack
Megan Mesco Area Coordinator for Scarlett
Alex Noreiga Resident Director for Scarlett
Kendra Ivins Area Coordinator for Smith, Judd, Gracy, Beasley, Sims
Christopher Hedden Resident Director for Smith, Judd, Gracy, Beasley, Sims
 Steffon Jones Area Coordinator for Corlew
Davina Dewitt Resident Director for Corlew
Thomas Atkins Area Coordinator for Lyon, Mary, McHenry, Rutledge
Coby Marlow Resident Director for Lyon, Mary, McHenry
Gabrielle Thorton Resident Director Rutledge
  Area Coordinator for Deere, Nicks  
Jonathan Williams Resident Director for Deere, Nicks
Michelle Safewright  Director of Housing and Residential Life


Or you can contact this department via email by completing the following form.


Virtual Tour

Housing assignment information comes to MTSU email accounts, so check often.

  • Meningococcal vaccination required for room assignment.

    Click here to upload your proof of meningitis to the Health Services Student Portal, or fax documentation to 615-898-5459.
  • Housing maintenance request call 615-898-4116 or Click here
  • Emergency maintenance requests after normal business hours – contact the front desk of your building for assistance