Providing Effective and Efficient Feedback on Student Writing

Spring 2023


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Writing assignments can complement course learning goals and deepen students’ engagement with the material. In addition, useful feedback has the potential to result in stronger final drafts, increasing students’ confidence in their writing. However, it is challenging to strike a balanced approach to feedback that both supports students’ growth as writers and takes into account our own time limitations. This interactive, one-hour workshop focuses on commenting and feedback best practices as we: 

  • Identify assumptions in commenting and grading practices;
  • Position commenting on drafts as an integral part of student learning;
  • Understand how commenting can serve as a connection between the course goals and the assignment;
  • Develop your own commenting and grading practices that align with your teaching persona and aid in student learning.


This is a Zoom workshop.

You will receive a Zoom meeting link the day before the workshop.

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