Studies in Meeting, Event, Exhibition & Convention Management

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that for the period 2012-2022, national job growth for Meeting, Event, Exhibition, and Convention Managers is projected to be 33% (much faster growth than average for all occupations). For Tennessee, that figure increases to 41% for the same time period.

With the opening of the state-of-the-art 353,143 square foot Music City Center, Nashville has consistently been identified as one of the top 50 destinations for meetings, events, or conventions. Along with the Nashville Convention Center and Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center, Nashville and the entire middle Tennessee area is home to numerous special event venues such as Belle Meade Plantation, The Hermitage, and various hotel and university/college conference centers.

Whether you desire to work at a large convention site such as the Music City Center, or at a small hotel conference venue—or someplace in between—this interdisciplinary minor will prepare you to meet the challenge.

NOTE:  A Professional Meeting, Event, Exhibition, and Convention (MEEC) Management minor has not yet been approved at all levels nor has it been fully implemented as of this time. Please continue to check this page for the status of the minor.

Several courses are currently available for you to take at this time:

BCED 4300 Professional Meeting, Event, Exhibition, and Convention (MEEC) Management
BCED 4340 Integrated Administrative Technology (to advance knowledge in Microsoft Office—necessary for industry standards)
BCED 4400 Tools of the MEEC Industry
BCED 4410 Virtual Business Presentations
BCED 4550 Corporate Communication
BCED 4570 MEEC Practicum
BCED 4650 Digital Business Communication 

The course description and objectives/topics for the BCED 4300 Professional Meeting, Event, Exhibition, and Convention (MEEC) Management course can be found below.

Course Activities

As a student, you will engage in a myriad of activities including case studies, end-of-chapter activities, and course discussion.

On top of that, as part of the course’s major project, you will be paired with classmates and tasked with creating your own proposal for a meeting, event,  exhibition, or convention.

Each team will be required to complete every aspect of the proposal (purpose, objectives, venue, décor, layout, marketing, etc.).  Once completed, your team will have the opportunity to present your proposal to stakeholders (industry representatives).

Course Objectives

After successfully completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Classify and describe MEECs according to size, type, and purpose
  • Discuss relationships between MEEC Planners and other stakeholders (assess attendees’ needs)
  • Identify the purpose, aims, and objectives of a MEEC
  • Conduct site evaluations
  • Identify and address feasibility factors
  • Identify and attract sponsorship for a MEEC
  • Handle publicity
  • Plan all event services (catering, staging contractors) (Additional objectives listed on the Course Syllabus)

Course Requirements

  • Current MTSU student (in good standing)
  • A basic understanding of Accounting principles  (ACTG 2110 suggested)
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Access Programs (BCED 2330 suggested)
  • Proficiency in videoconferencing/audio conferencing/web  conferencing platforms (BCED 4410 suggested)
  • A basic understanding of LANs, WANs, VPNs, WIFI, Internet  accessibility (INFS 3100 suggested)

Course Topics

BCED 4300 will encompass 16 Modules, with additional subtopics for each module :

  1. Overview of Meetings Profession
  2. Strategic Meetings: Aligning with the Organization
  3. Blending Project and Meeting Management
  4. Designing the Meeting Experience
  5. Budgeting Basics for Meeting Professionals
  6. Site and Venue Selection
  7. Risk Management
  8. Negotiations, Contracts, Liability
  9. Marketing the Meeting
  10. Registration and Housing
  11. Exhibitions and the Role of Face-to-Face Marketing
  12. Bring Meetings to Life: Event Technology
  13. Food and Beverage Fundamentals
  14. Onsite Management
  15. Post-Meeting Follow-Up
  16. Career Building in the Meeting Profession

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