The following table lists rates charged to faculty, staff, and students of Middle Tennessee State University. MIMIC is available for use by those outside the university with a different rate structure given below. Please email joyce.miller@mtsu.edu or call 494-7976 for a fee quotation.

Scheduling priority is given to internal research and instructional users.

Instrument Internal External
unassisted assisted unassisted assisted
SEM $20 / hour $40 / hour $50 / hour $100 / hour
SEM / EDX $30 / hour $50 / hour $60 / hour $120 / hour
TEM $20 / hour $40 / hour $50 / hour $100.00/hour
FIB/SEM $55 / hour $105 / hour $200 / hour $250 / hour
Sample prep $5/hour   $20 / hour $50/run  $100 / hour
Coating $5 / run $25/run $10 / run $35/run
Ultramicrotome $10 / hour $30/run $50 / hour $100/run
Critical pt drying $5 / run $25/run $50/run $70/run


Multiple hour runs: For heavy unassisted use during off-hours, discounted rates apply, please call for more information.

Student charges: If associated with a course, fees are covered through Technical Fees. Beyond the course, students must be affiliated with a professor and charges paid through the department or a grant.

Instructional development: Grants of instrument time for development of course applications are available — contact the center for details.

Training costs:
** Free to MTSU faculty **
Students are required to take courses in order to use the instrument.

Workshops: Workshops on analytical techniques available in the center are held periodically.