MT Engage Experiences

This initiative involves

  1. increasing students’ awareness of integrative learning opportunities in the form of beyond-the-classroom experiences and
  2. supporting their integrative learning.

MT Engage Week Fall 2022 Details Coming Soon

MT Engage Week 2021 was a huge success and plans are already underway for Fall 2022.  During this week, MT Engage will cosponsor events with each college, as well as with the Office of Student Affairs, to highlight opportunities for academic engagement and integrative learning.

Create an ePortfolio!

One unifying experience is the creation of an ePortfolio by students so that they can integrate and reflect on their experiences. Support for students completing the Sophomore and Senior ePortfolios will be provided by the MT Engage Office, as well as the Career Development Center, the University Writing Center, and Walker Library. These offices are uniquely suited to support students in the development of the ePortfolio and joint workshops will be conducted and students will have the ability to meet one-on-one to receive assistance.  Click to learn more about the MT Engage Scholarship and resources to help create your ePortfolio.

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