What is MT Engage?

MT Engage is focused on enhancing student academic engagement. This will be accomplished by:

    1. Incorporating high impact pedagogies within the course and through beyond-the- classroom engagement activities/strategies:
      1. High Impact Pedagogies: learning communities, problem-based learning, collaborative learning, project-based learning, etc.
      2. Beyond-the-Classroom examples: service-learning, research, co-curricular activities, attending related campus events, attending off-campus events, etc.
    2. Challenging students to use integrative thinking and reflection across multiple contexts and educational experiences. Students will develop an ePortfolio which will showcase the integration of the knowledge, skills, and abilities gained during their time at MTSU.

What is the student learning outcome?

The primary student learning outcome for MT Engage, to be derived through this process of academic engagement, is integrative/reflective thinking. Students will use integrative thinking and reflection to demonstrate the ability to make connections across multiple contexts and educational experiences. This includes the following five indicators:

  1. connections to experience,
  2. connections to discipline,
  3. transfer,
  4. effective and integrated communication, and
  5. self-assessment and reflection (see Integrative Thinking and Reflection Rubric adapted from the AAC&U VALUE rubric).

What are the initiatives/activities of the program?

  • MT Engage Foundation Pathway (lower division courses are offered)
  • MT Engage Major Pathway (courses in the major are offered)
  • MT Engage Faculty Development (FLCs, summer institute, etc.)
  • MT Engage Experiences (database of engagement experiences by major; ePortfolio development, MT Engage Week)
  • MT Engage Recognition Program (sophomore scholarship awards, senior cash awards and electronic badge)

How does MT Engage benefit students?

The goals of MT Engage include fostering a culture of engaged learning and integrative thinking, enhancing student satisfaction with their learning, and increasing retention and graduation rates.  Students may also improve their 1) integrative/reflective thinking, 2) personal and professional development, and 3) effective communication.

How do students participate?

MT Engage is an opt-in program for students with no additional cost. Students who want to participate will enroll in MT Engage courses and develop an ePortfolio which will showcase the integration of the knowledge, skills, and abilities gained during their time at MTSU. 

What is an ePortfolio?

An ePortfolio (electronic portfolio) is an electronic collection of evidence that shows a student’s learning journey over time. MT Engage ePortfolios will also include critical reflections of the student’s learning.

What are the incentives for students to participate?

As a participating student, you will have the opportunity for scholarships, cash awards, a recognition reception, electronic badges, and the opportunity to mentor other students. 

How will the University support faculty who teach MT Engage courses?

As part of MT Engage, a faculty development plan will be established to support faculty who choose to teach MT Engage courses which are enhanced with high impact pedagogies and integrative/reflective thinking. Support may include faculty learning communities, a workshop series, and summer faculty institutes.

How do faculty participate?

If you are interested in teaching an MT Engage course, contact Julie A. Myatt at Julie.Myatt@mtsu.edu.

MT Engage QEP Impact Reports

Years One and Two (AY 2016-2017 and AY 2017-2018) (PDF)
Years One and Two (AY 2016-2017 and AY 2017-2018) (ePortfolio Presentation)
Final QEP Impact Report

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