Award Levels

Although this grant primarily funds faculty programming and stipends, students, particularly those who are underrepresented, are the focus and beneficiaries. Because of the intellectual work required for OER adoption–and the economic model of textbook publishing–large-scale OER implementation is unlikely without additional resources to support faculty.

3 Award Levels based on Project Scale and OER Type: 

Small-Scale Alteration

These projects will involve textbook/learning material revision projects for a single course. Typical projects will result in the replacement of an existing costly textbook, lab manual, or electronic homework/test platform with an OER alternative of similar quality.

  • Minimum Award: $500. Maximum Award: $2,000
  • $500 maximum per team member 

Medium-Scale Conversion

A variety of projects can be funded at this level, but each one should result in OER adoption by multiple instructors and will include replacing all or nearly all student learning material in a course with OER.

  • Minimum Award: $1,000. Maximum Award: $5,000
  • $1,000 maximum per team member

Large-Scale Transformation

Projects funded at this level will result in adoption, adaptation, or creation of OER materials (including textbooks, print resources, videos, podcasts, or voiced-over slide presentations) for gateway courses that affect a large number of students annually. These projects will include the creation of faculty development materials and should also result in courses that can be easily adapted for online delivery. 

  • Minimum Award: $3,000. Maximum Award: $7,500
  • $1,500 maximum per team member