MT One Stop Services

The MT One Stop provides a variety of services both in-person and online.  Below you'll find a number of items that we can assist you with in our office:

In addition, those who are part of the Partners in Education (PIE) program may contact the MT One Stop via email at if they wish to request any educational records for a student. Please note that when you contact us you will be asked to provide the student's M# and the PIN number created by your student for the program. Any replies to records requests will also include the student per the parameters of the PIE program.  


Below are some helpful videos on a variety of topics that you may find useful!


Financial Aid Basics

Setting up your Pipeline account

Checking Your Admission Status

How to Look up Classes on PipelineMT

Coursework Towards Program of Study Information

Cost of Attendance versus Tuition Costs

Viewing and Accepting Your Financial Aid Awards


Contact MT One Stop:


Virtual Counter: Click Here

Dropbox: Click Here

Please do not send any documents or emails with unredacted Personally Identifiable Information (PII), such as Social Security Numbers or credit card numbers, through any means other than the Dropbox, mail, or in person. 

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