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Undergraduate Programs

The B.S. in Commerce is a flexible degree plan designed to provide a broad-based course of study in business while maintaining the flexibility necessary for the modern college student.

 Courses in the Department of Criminal Justice Administration provide students with a well-rounded curriculum designed to meet the academic needs of those seeking careers in law enforcement, courts, corrections, and homeland security. Concentrations include homeland security and law enforcement.

Designed for students interested in a broad experience of English studies, including courses in literature, writing, and linguistics.

For those who like to work with computers and technology, there's no need to look further. Information Systems is where business and technology meet. This ever-growing field attracts graduates who thrive in a team environment and want to utilize their expertise to develop even newer technologies to maximize business productivity.
This interdisciplinary degree program is extremely flexible and is an excellent option for students seeking a broad-based educational experience or wanting to custom-design a degree program. View the online brochure here.

This program helps students prepare for management positions in a number of diverse fields. Concentrations include information technology, health administration, and organizational leadership, and international organizational leadership. View the online brochure here.

Psychology reaches into multiple areas of human activity, from the workplace to schools, research hospitals to forensic investigation, as those trained in the field strive to understand and serve human needs.



*Prior Learning Assessment is available for eligible students.

Graduate Programs


Concentrations include Aviation Management, Aviation Education, and Aviation Safety and Security Management. Students will learn about aviation contracts and leases, training, professional development programs, and the knowledge and expertise necessary to develop and manage aviation safety.

A Master of Criminal Justice (M.C.J.) degree can help pave the way for advancement in professional opportunities in law enforcement, homeland security, courts, police administration, correctional management, probation, parole, juvenile justice, drug rehabilitation, and private security or investigations.

This program is for all who would like to learn more about cultural diversity, mental processes, and cognitive/educational neuroscience and their impact on the exciting world of teaching and learning. There is a concentration in Curriculum and Instruction as well as a specialization in Culture, Cognition, and the Learning Process.

The M.Ed. will help you become an expert in the areas of second language acquisition, appropriate strategies and models for effective instruction, assessment tools and accommodations, and literacy frameworks, practices, and overall language learning.  Concentrations include Curriculum and Instruction - Non-licensure and Curriculum and Instruction - English as a Second Language (ESL) 

The Digital Teaching and Learning (DTL) Certificate program helps build skills and knowledge necessary to effectively deliver and facilitate online learning by examining and evaluating models and strategies for online instruction, designing appropriate curriculum, exploring literacy and multiple literacy development through new media tools, incorporating seminar techniques for online discussions, selecting and applying digital learning structures to the PreK-12 classroom, addressing issues related to diversity and accessibility, designing digital content for online lessons, selecting assessments for the digital classroom, and using data to inform practice.

The Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree in Literacy is a graduate program designed to focus on the most current research in the field of literacy. The program provides an in-depth study of literacy development and strategies to support academic growth and success. The curriculum includes a variety of literacy topics, such as foundational knowledge, developmental continuums, assessment, writing, and specific strategies for supporting students. Graduates of the program who meet the criteria and are interested may be eligible to add on the reading specialist endorsement to their current teaching license.

The M.L.S. program consists of 36 credits, with all courses online except for two field experiences to help produce practice-ready librarians. Each course is tailored to individual student interest, and students are allowed to propose alternative electives in other disciplines. 

The Organizational Leadership concentration focuses on building leaders who can create or preserve a structure within an organization. Supply Chain Management is also available to students.   

The online Master of Music specialization in Music Education is designed for current K-12 music educators looking to refine their abilities and advance their careers. Courses are taught by MTSU's distinguished and esteemed faculty and can be completed in two years.    
The MSN degree addresses a critical shortage of Family Nurse Practitioners with high-quality, affordable, and time-efficient studies. Coursework is completed online, except for clinical rotations through approved preceptors (in the student's home area when possible). 

The MPS is an interdisciplinary graduate degree program designed for working professionals who wish to earn a graduate degree in their area of expertise and excel in their careers. Concentrations include Human Resources Leadership, Strategic Leadership, Training & Development,  and Leadership in Nutrition. View the online brochure here. 



MTSU also offers five undergraduate and two graduate hybrid programs.  Students enrolled in hybrid programs must take several on-ground courses to complete their degrees.  Additional information is available at each degree site. 



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