How can the Community and University Partnerships Initiative help you?

  • Formally recognize the work you are doing with off-campus partners
  • Highlight the partnership relationships that you have in order to bring more awareness to the work you are doing
  • Assist you in providing a centralized location for you to document your partnerships
  • Help to identify others on campus who may be working with the same partner or who may be working with a partner that you are interested in working with in the future

What do students gain from partnerships?

  • Link theory and practice
  • Keep curriculum current and responsive
  • Integrate skills into workplace
  • Prepare students for participatory citizenship

What do MTSU faculty and staff get from partnerships? 

  • Promote communication and understanding between the worlds of work and service ---- may be evidenced by the following:
    • Practitioners teach classes
    • Shared expertise back to the community to our participation on advisory boards
    • MTSU advisory boards
  • Integrate the workplace with the world of higher education
  • Enrich and update curriculum
  • Apply knowledge
  • Create interdisciplinary linkages

How does the community benefit from partnerships with MTSU?

  • Provide access to MTSU students and faculty
  • Promote regional growth and development
  • Bring awareness to the partners business
  • Expand resources available to solve local challenges
  • Offer the potential of "neutral ground" for discussion and resolution of controversial issues

How does MTSU benefit from partnerships with the community? 

  • Provide the opportunity for meaningful access to the community
  • Provide students with addition resources for learning; such as internships, co-ops, experiential learning courses, etc.
  • Provide the opportunity to help improve the community

How can I report a partnership? 

  • If you are a faculty member, we recommend using Digital Measures. Under the Public Service tab, there is a page that allows you to document your community partnerships. This is a great place to record and keep track of all the partnerships you hold within the community.
  • If you are an administrator for your department looking to document a departmental partnerhsip, we recommend using CampusLabs.

Why should I report my partnerships?

  • It is important that you report your partnerships, so that the Community and Partnerships Initiative will have accurate data for the Carnegie Reclassification application. The application requires evidence-based documentation of important aspects related to the University‚Äôs mission, community engagement, outreach, and partnership activities. By documenting your partnership, we will be able accurately report on the current state of partnerships at MTSU.
  • Reporting your partnerships will allow you to have one centralized location with information on all your past and current community partners.