September 30,2023

PhyscsHannaNSF invests $18.8M in inaugural cohort of projects enabling experiential learning in key technologies. Physics and Astronomy Department (PI Terletska) has been awarded NSF ExLENT grant in partnership with Fisk-TnTech-UT(Chatanooga)-U of Auburn


September 8,2023

HTDOECongratulations to Dr. Hanna Terletska for winning $253K Deaprtment of Energy (DOE) Grant on her research of Quantum materials


August 15,2023

HTNSFCongratulations to Dr. Hanna Terletska for winning a major NSF grant, amounting to $800,000, for the ExpandQISE project.


October 24, 2022

HannaNedaDr. Hanna Terletska, Dr. Neda Naseri
Workshop for high school students: Quantum for everyone: the urgent science questions in modern physics



September 24, 2022

WiPWomen in Physics
Outreach Workshop
for middle and high school students at
TN Girls in STEM Conference Fall 2022



June 8, 2022

DLFuture Dr. DaVonte Lewis
Recent graduate




June 8, 2022

HannaDr. Hanna Terletska
Invited talk (and session chair):  
Quantum embedding for disordered systems: from models to real materials
Telluride Science Research Center


June 6, 2022

DEDr. Daniel Erenso 
Dr. Erenso's upcoming book is featured in IOP Publishing


June 4, 2022

HannaDr. Hanna Terletska
Accent bias can make people feel excluded in the sciences, and it’s an under-recognized problem.


May 6, 2022

Physcs Physics Banquet
Science Building 2nd Floor Atrium
5:00 - 6:30 pm

The Physics & Astronomy banquet is a time to honor our graduates and celebrate our successes at a catered dinner.  All students are invited, and graduating seniors (August 2021, December 2021, May 2022) are invited to bring their families

May 6, 2022

IPDr. Irina Perevalova
Friday Star Party "The Tour of Other Worlds"
WPS 102 6:30 pm



April 25, 2022

HannaDr. Hanna Terletska
Darema Physics Lecture Series Colloquim
University of California -Davis


Dr. Hanna Terletska has given an honorable invited Frederica Darema colloquium talk at University of California -Davis, April 25, 2022. She presented her NSF-funded research work on electron localization in quantum materials.

April 20, 2022

Eric KlumpeProf, Eric Klumpe 
Student Success Series Event
“Maximizing the Reward on Your Educational Investment”
WPS 310 3pm 

This event will be very beneficial to all students: from freshman to seniors. Come to learn the best strategies to succeed at MTSU, how study, and how to properly invest in your career success.

April 9, 2022

WiPWomen in Physics
Outreach Workshop
for middle and high school students at
TN Girls in STEM Conference 2022



March 16, 2022

PhyscsPhysics and Astronomy Department
Annual Research Day (inauguration)
WPS lobby  2:30-3:30 pm

Physics & Astronomy department  celebrates the first research day.  Students and faculty to present posters on their research