808 Compensation Reporting and Approvals

Approved by Board of Trustees
Effective Date: June 5, 2017
Responsible Division: Business and Finance
Responsible Office:  Human Resource Services
Responsible Officer:  Assistant Vice President, Human Resource Services

I.  Purpose

The goal of Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU or University) is to provide all employees compensation consistent with market data and satisfactory job performance. This policy establishes that this goal is reflected within MTSU’s budget and will be dependent upon budget availability.

II.  Compensation Philosophy

A.  MTSU desires to have a compensation system which is fair, equitable, and accountable.

1.  MTSU will consider budget availability in all salary decisions.

2.  This policy will cover compensation transactions.

3.  The same approval policies apply to positions totally supported by restricted or auxiliary funds.

B.  Faculty

1.  Faculty salaries will be a primary objective and priority in developing and approving the overall University budget.

2.  It is the goal of MTSU, within available funds, to provide competitive compensation for faculty, consistent with the market data for their discipline and rank at officially recognized peer institutions and consistent with performance.

C.  Staff.  It is the goal of MTSU, within available funds, to compensate staff within the approved compensation plan consistent with market data and performance.​

III.  Approvals

A.  MTSU shall develop compensation plans approved by the Board. These plans will be updated consistent with this policy. New or revised compensation plans that may include merit, equity, and market increases are submitted to the Board for approval.

B.  All salary increases listed below are subject to approval by the Board of Trustees (Board).

1.  All Vice Presidents or other executives reporting directly to the President (academic, business, student affairs, etc.) including all interim appointments;

2.  Chairs of Excellence, including interim appointments;

3.  Faculty promotions;

4.  Increases based on the approved compensation plan;

5.  Additional across-the-board increases;

6.  Additional bonuses; and

7.  Any other positions which may be designated by the Board.

C.  Salary increases are not final until approved by the Board, unless otherwise provided for in this policy.

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Last Reviewed: March 2022.

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