800-899 Personnel

Policy Number Policy Name 
800 General Personnel
801 Personnel Transactions
802  Hours of Work
803 Holiday, Administrative, and Emergency Closings
804  Employment Classification
805 Student Employment
806 Compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act and Employment of Minors
807 Classification and Compensation Plan for Classified and Administrative Positions
808 Compensation Reporting and Approvals 
809 Salary Increase for Attaining Certified Administrative Professional Status
810 Performance Evaluations
811 Personnel Records
812  Promotions of Classified, Executive, and Administrative Employees
813 Alternate Work Arrangements
814  Outside Employment, Extra Compensation, and Dual Services Agreements
815 Unemployment Compensation
816 Nepotism
817 Consensual Relationships
825 Leave Policies
826 Educational Leave
827  Family, Medical, and Servicemember Leave
828 Employee Attendance during Inclement Weather
829 Educational Assistance: MTSU Employee Tuition Waiver
830  Faculty and Staff Support for Educational Expenses
831 Educational Assistance: Student Fee Discounts for Spouses and Dependent Children of MTSU Employees
840  Retirement
841 Retirement Plans
842  Deferred Compensation Plans
843  Longevity Pay
850 Return to Work
851 Disciplinary Policy for Administrative and Classified Personnel
852  Administrative, Professional, and Faculty Grievance or Complaint
853  Classified Grievance or Complaint
854 Faculty Sick Leave Bank
855 Staff Sick Leave Bank
856  Modified Fiscal Year Contracts
857  Worker's Compensation and Tort Claims
858 Notification Requirements in the Event of an Employee Death
859 Human Resources Emergency Procedures
860 Exit Interview/Checkout Procedures for Terminating Regular Employees