Classrooms and Offices

The Scheduling Center assigns courses and events in academic classrooms. Faculty members shall be responsible for locking their offices and any special classrooms for which they are responsible.

Classrooms have several types of access, including key, combination, Learn Lock, and Card Swipe Access. To obtain access through any of these systems, the first contact would be your department. The department staff can review the type of lock through 25Live - click on the classroom number and look for the room access. A key card must be completed to obtain a key to a space. Combination lock and Learn Lock access must be coordinated through the first priority department. Card swipe access requires your department send an email to the key shop with the faculty member's M# number.

Classrooms with card swipe access can be programmed to open and close at specific times, or to be always open or closed. We are installing blue pull stations to lock programmed classroom doors during an emergency.

The University has adopted a Tobacco-Free Campus Policy. It is expected that all faculty, staff, students, contractors, and visitors will voluntarily comply with the spirit and intent of this policy.

Faculty offices are coordinated by the University Provost. Operating Principles for Office Space Allocation Within Academic Affairs

The University has insurance through the state with a $50,000 deductible. Personal property is not covered under the University's insurance coverage.

University Space Management