Description of Codes Used in Prerequisite Checking

Candidacy, Honors Eligibility, and Teacher Education

Code Description
CAD Candidacy Advertising
CALC Calculus Placement Test
CAN Candidacy (Animation)
CBUM College of Business Minor
CBUS Candidacy College of Business
CID Candidacy Interior Design
CJR Candidacy Journalism 
CPBJ Provisional Candidacy Media Journalism
CPH Candidacy Photography
CPMM Provisional Candidacy Media Journalism
CPR Candidacy Public Relations
CRR Candidacy Public Relations: RIM
CTAD Candidacy Textiles, Merchandising, and Design: Apparel Design
CTFM Candidacy Textiles, Merchandising, and Design: Fashion Merchandising
CVC Candidacy Visual Communication
FIS Freshmen Institute Scholars
HADM Honors Eligible at Admissions
HBCN Buchanan Scholar
HONR Qualifies for Honors Courses
HMNL Honors Courses Qualified
HSCH Honors Scholar
MGVL Management Validation Exam
MKVL Marketing Validation Exam
RIAP Candidacy Audio Production
RICS Candidacy Recording Industry: Commercial Songwriting
RIMB Candidacy Recording Industry: Music Business
RIPT Candidacy Recording Industry: Audio Production
TED Admission to Teacher Education


Prescribed Courses based on Placement

SOATEST Score/Value Prescribed Courses
DSPM 1 - 1.9 MATH 1000KC or DSPM 0700
DSPM 2 - 2.9 MATH 1010K or 1530K or DSPM 0800
DSPM 3 - 3.9 MATH 1010K, 1530K, or MATH 1710K or DSPM 0850
DSPM 4 Non-Prescribed College Level
DSPR 1 - 1.9 DSPR 0700
DSPR 2 - 3.9 READ 1000K or DSPR 0800
DSPR 4 Non-Prescribed College Level
DSPS 1 UNIV 1010K or DSPS 0800
DSPW 1 - 1.9 DSPW 0700
DSPW 2 - 3.9 ENGL 1010K or DSPW 0800
DSPW 4 Non-Prescribed College Level