Russian Studies Minor

The minor in Russian Studies introduces students to the cultural, political, geographic and socio-economic diversity and richness of a vast and fascinating area of the world. This undergraduate multidisciplinary program will appeal both to students interested in the theory of totalitarianism and the role that Communism played in the twentieth Century and to those who are attracted to the issues of democratic transition and prospects for the development of the former Communist nations. The minor is an especially useful complement to such majors as Political Science, International Relations, History, Geography, Foreign Languages and Literatures, Philosophy, and Economics. Students curious about foreign countries and cultures should consider this interdisciplinary minor. C

Concentrating on the studies of Russia and other post-Soviet states and Eastern Europe, students can take courses in six different departments within the College of Liberal Arts. Interdisciplinary minors are open to all students.

Stressing the interdisciplinary approach, the minor helps students to develop their analytical skills and ability to integrate information from diverse fields of study. Core Political Science, History, Geography and Russian language courses will deepen students' knowledge of Eastern European, Russian, Soviet, and post-Soviet history, politics, and culture. Familiarity with various aspects of the Russian political and cultural life will expand students' knowledge and enhance employment opportunities in different spheres, including the academy, governmental service, politics, and private business.

Director: Dr. Andrei Korobkov
Department of Political Science
MTSU Box 29
Office: Peck hall 251
Murfreesboro, TN 37132
Phone: 615/898-2945

Faculty from a variety of disciplines constantly develop and evaluate the major, which is designed to complement the general studies requirements.

For a minor in Russian Studies, a student must complete a minimum of 18 hours. No course may be counted for both major and minor credit. Students must fulfill all departmental prerequisites for any course within an interdisciplinary minor and abide by policies and prohibitions established by departments in their major fields.

18 credit hours required

Every student must take PS 4770, "Russian Politics" and at least two of the following: HIST 4330, "Russia to Twentieth Century;"; HIST 4340, "Russia in the Twentieth Century;"; GEOG 3460, "Geography of the Former Soviet Union;"; ENGL 4850, "Introduction to Russian Literature;"; PS 3790, "Eastern European Politics;"; or RUSS 1010 and RUSS 1020, "Elementary Russian.";

A student may take no more than 6 hours in a single department (9 in Political Science) unless he/she surpasses the required 18 hours (Study Abroad programs in Russia, the post-Soviet states or Eastern Europe or the Special Topics courses dealing with that region will not count toward this limit).

Students will take their remaining classes from among the following:

ENGL 4900 Selected Topics in Literature and Language

Foreign Languages
RUSS 1010 Elementary Russian I
RUSS 1020 Elementary Russian II
RUSS 2010 Intermediate Russian I
RUSS 2020 Intermediate Russian II

GEOG 3460 Geography of the Former Soviet Union

HIST 4330 Russia to the Twentieth Century
HIST 4340 Russia in the Twentieth Century

Both of the above or one of the above and one of the following:
HIST 3150 Global History: 1945-1975
HIST 4240 Europe: Absolutism and Enlightenment
HIST 4270 Europe 1815-1900
HIST 4280 Europe 1900-1939
HIST 4290 Europe Since 1939
HIST 4840 World War II

PHIL 4450 Marx and Marxism
PHIL 4800 Readings in Philosophy (approval of the minor advisor is required as regards the topic of study)

Political Science
PS 3780 Study Abroad (approval of the minor advisor is required as regards the country of study)
PS 4300 Comparative European Government
PS 4390 Special Topics in Political Science (approval of the minor advisor is required as regards the topic of study)
PS 4920 Modern Political Theory (approval of the minor advisor is required as regards the topic of study)

Or one of the above plus one of the following:
PS 4220 World Politics
PS 4240 American Foreign Policy