Provost's Award

The Provost's Award is given to a student of Middle Tennessee State University who best demonstrates outstanding academic achievement. This undergraduate student will have completed at least 90 credit hours, have a minimum 3.5 GPA, and have provided evidence of involvement in scholarly activities (i.e. department organizations, debate team, presentation of papers, etc.).

Application Process
Individuals may apply for this award or be nominated by anyone in the University community. Deans are encouraged to nominate qualified students. The application process includes:

  1. a Provost's Award application;
  2. an essay (not to exceed two typed, double-spaced pages) and verified evidence of scholarly activity; and
  3. three letters of support from teaching faculty. No resumes will be accepted with application.

Selection Process
Applications will be reviewed by the University Awards Committee and the top candidate will be selected. The committee may interview the top finalist(s). The award recipient will be recognized at the appropriate college awards program.


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