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The Office of Student Conduct strives to promote a learning environment that is safe, positive, and in which the rights of all members of the campus community are respected. Supporting the larger mission of both Middle Tennessee State University and the Division of Student Affairs, we seek to promote student learning, growth, and development by increasing awareness of the University's expectations of behavior, holding students accountable for violations of these expectations, and developing educational sanctions designed to help students learn from their mistakes. We strive to help students at MTSU see both the immediate consequences and the long-term consequences of their behavior. The Office of Student Conduct serves as a resource for all members of the university community.

Office of Student Conduct Staff


Laura Sosh-LightsyLaura Sosh-Lightsy, Assistant Dean

B.A, English Literature, Western Kentucky University
M.A., Education, Student Affairs, Western Kentucky University

I joined the MTSU family in June 2004. Prior to coming to MTSU, I worked at Texas A & M University and Western Kentucky University. I have over 20 years experience working with students, primarily in the disciplinary system. I enjoy my work because it is ever-changing, and I have had the opportunity to help many students focus on their priorities and successfully graduate from college. I think it is very important for students to understand and value honesty and integrity, and for each student to recognize their responsibility to the community in which they live.

Lisa Simons

Lisa Simons, Secretary

I joined MTSU in November 2007 and worked as secretary for the Student Government Association. In April 2010 I became secretary for the Office of Student Conduct.

MTSU is the perfect place for me to work because I am a mother of 3 children and have always loved being around children of all ages. When working in the Student Government Association, the students always referred to me as their "other mother." In the Office of Student Conduct I feel that my love for children helps me make students feel at ease when they come to our office for judicial meetings.

Working at MTSU is very rewarding opportunity for me, and I love working at such a great university!

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