Emergency Aid for Students

While students are generally expected to be thoughtful and responsible when it comes to budgeting for the costs associated with pursuing their college degree, MTSU is well aware that an unexpected life crisis can create a significant academic hardship for students. While the University is not able to solve every financial crisis that may emerge, resources may be available to help students manage a temporary, unexpected set-back that threaten their ability to complete their college degree.

MTSU Student Food Pantry

MTSU's Student Food Pantry, stocked entirely by donations, is available to any active, currently enrolled MTSU student in need of short-term assistance. Non-perishable, canned, boxed and dried items are generally available. Currently located in the One Stop Shop in the new Student Services and Admissions Building. The hours of operation and other information regarding MTSU's Student Food Pantry can be found on their website.

Raiders' Closet

Coordinated through the Career Development Center, Raiders' Closet helps students put their best “non-verbal” foot forward when seeking an internship or new job. Professional attire, donated by community members, is available to help students acquire needed professional clothing and accessories. Students in need of a suit and accessories (e.g., blouses, dress shirts, shoes) should visit Raiders’ Closet at KUC 327. The hours of operation and other information regarding Raiders’ Closet can be found on their website.

Clothing Our Educators Boutique

Clothing Our Educators Boutique was created in the College of Education during Spring 2016 semester to help future teachers launch their classroom careers. Oftentimes, students fall on hard times or in need of a starter wardrobe. The boutique is open to Residency I & II education students and provides free professional clothing to students preparing for interviews and student teachers getting ready to enter the classroom. Clothing Our Educators has the feel of an intimate boutique with neatly arranged racks of clothing for women in a variety of sizes and styles, plus a glass display case showcasing various accessories to complete any outfit. Residency students are upper-level students immediately preparing for or are already student teaching in the classroom. To use the boutique, the students must fill out a short application to document what they received. Students can visit the boutique by appointment and should contact June Adams in COE Room 307, by phone at 615-898-5153 or by email at June.Adams@mtsu.edu.

Student Government Association (SGA) Emergency Loans

The SGA Emergency Loan Program may provide small loans of $100 to both graduate and undergraduate students with an emergency need. The loans are short-term and must be repaid in 30 to 90 days. Students do NOT need to have filed a FAFSA form to be eligible for an SGA loan. However, the student will not be eligible for an SGA loan if they currently owe an MTSU balance. Student must be enrolled in six (6) credit hours during fall/spring semesters and/or enrolled in three (3) credit hours during the summer. Students may only receive one SGA loan per semester. International students are excluded from receiving an SGA Loan. Students seeking help should be referred to the MT One Stop. Funds are limited.

Emergency Short-Term Foundation Loans

The Emergency Short-Term Foundation Loan provides loans of up to $500 to undergraduate, graduate and international students. Students do NOT need to have filed a FAFSA form to be eligible for an Emergency Short-Term Foundation Loan. Applicants must provide a paycheck stub or show proof of ability to repay the loan. Graduate assistants and student workers may receive the loan against their monthly stipend or amount of their regular paycheck. Students may only receive one Emergency Short-Term Foundation Loan per semester. Students seeking help should be referred to the MT One Stop. Funds are limited.

MTSU Student Micro-Grants

Through the support of our community and the Lewis Hazelwood Student Emergency Fund, MTSU has a dedicated pool of funds available to help students with emergency needs that may impact their ability to continue their education. These micro-grants are designed to provide funding to help address verified need associated with a student’s education; as such they may be used to help provide funds for tuition/fees, books, housing, transportation, etc. Each academic college will have a limited pool of funds from which to award grants as approved by the dean or designee.

These funds are awarded as grants and do not have to be repaid. Micro-grants are available up to an amount of $250 and are available to undergraduate, graduate and international students. Students may be awarded the micro-grant only once during their tenure at MTSU.

To be eligible, students must be in academic good standing, with a minimum of a 2.0 overall cumulative GPA at the time of the request. Student must be classified as degree seeking and be enrolled in six (6) credit hours during fall/spring semesters and/or enrolled in three (3) credit hours during the summer. Students must also demonstrate satisfactory academic progress as determined by the MTSU Financial Aid office. Students currently on financial aid warning, probation or suspension are not eligible. Students receiving other forms of financial aid may not receive the mini-grant if it will cause them to exceed their allowable Total Cost of Attendance calculation.

Students seeking support should contact their college advisor or the dean’s office in the college of their major to obtain additional information regarding the micro-grant. The dean or his designee will review the student’s situation and determine a final recommendation to the dean, contact the MTSU Financial Aid office to verify student eligibility and begin the disbursement process.

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