Student Technology Access Fees


The Proposals submitted for FY 23-24 were reviewed by the Instructional Technology Committee.  The database has been updated for those receiving funding. Requisitions for next fiscal year can be processed with a July 1st date.  

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TAF funds are required to be spent in the year collected. Projects are approved by line items, not by dollars. Because projects are not allocated dollars, any savings through the purchase process are collected in the overall TAF accounts and used to balance the TAF accounts at the end of the year. Purchases requested past March may not receive funding. The TAF committee revised the allocation process in October 2020.  For all the allocation processes, please follow this LINK

The Committee allocates $4,113,100 among the following seven categories. Any additional dollars are allocated by the Instructional Technology Committee among these seven categories as needed based on university priorities. The TAF budget for the 2022-2023 fiscal year is $4.113 million.

  • Category 1 Infrastructure ($400,000)
  • Category 2 Repair, Replacement, and Renovation ($912,259)
  • Category 3 Recurring Costs ($780,222)
  • Category 4 Discipline Specific Equipment ($904,000)
  • Category 5 Smart Classrooms ($438,941)
  • Category 6 ITC Approved University Computer Labs ($200,000)
  • Category 7 Enterprise Software ($477,678)

University Policy -Student Fees

University Technology Plan

Purchase process for TAF Projects. Click here

Classrooms Specifications  If you need an estimate to renovate a space or construct a master classroom, send an email to for equipment estimates and for construction estimates.

Link to the list of software available through MTSU site licenses. Most Microsoft projects are available through MTSU's select agreement. Please contact ITD for additional information.

Annual spending and actual expenditures reports 

If you need additional information, contact Maria Knox at or 615-898-5184 or David Edgar at or 615-898-5389.