Classroom Specifications

Listed below are the estimated costs for different types of classrooms on the MTSU Campus. For a TAF proposal, list Classroom Equipment and the dollar amount of the type you are requesting as a line item. For optional items to receive TAF funding, they must be listed in the proposal as a line item.  If you have other A/V needs, please contact James Copeland, before January 7, 2022, for those estimates.

Note that the costs associated with floor coverings, security locks for doors, furniture, window treatments, lighting, electrical or data, whiteboards, or other necessary room improvements are NOT included on this list. Contact Terri Carlton in Construction and Renovation ( for cost estimates on these essential items.  Contact should be made by January 7, 2022, to ensure you have an estimate before the deadline.  For a TAF proposal, list Construction and the total amount of the estimate provided.

Additional technology and/or discipline-specific equipment may be included, but it must be specified in the request to receive funding.

Classroom Types:

Standard Classroom Equipment (Laser Projector) - $35,000
Standard Classroom Equipment (Touch Display) - $37,000
Classroom Equipment without a control system (Laser Projector) - $28,500
Classroom Equipment without a control system (Touch Display) - $30,000