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  • ITD continues loaning equipment  with new process
  • New BlueID online options can help you skip the line
  • OneDrive can be an effective file-sharing option
  • Conventional, hybrid, remote, online: Apps to help with all class types


  • Grad assistant creates video game music
  • How to avoid internet Access Anxiety
  • Aira app provides descriptions for visually impaired
  • Alertus brings Critical Notifications to desktop




  • Students help win classroom IT race
  • Prevent 'spam' from turning into scam
  • MT Engage ePortfolio scholarships
  • STA program information and application 
  • Mobile app team great student opportunity 



  • MFA at MTSU--What you need to know
  • ITD Help Desk heroes revealed 
  • Data Science Institute offers testing opportunities
  • MT Engage offers scholarships for ePortfolio design
  • becomes LinkedIn Learning 
2018 - Fall
  • ITD plays role in Tucker Theatre accessibility project
  • MT Engage offers ePortfolio scholarships
  • Online courses increasing at MTSU
  • New online faculty evaluations will get even simpler
  • Multi-factor Authentication to be mandatory for students
2018 - Spring
  • MTSU's smartphone app is student run opp
  • Parents, students "like" University Facebook pages
  • "Rush Rules" among top tutorials on campus
  • Daylight bringing D2L improvements
2017 - Fall
  • Major changes to PipelineMT/RaiderNet, D2L
  • Student Printing news
  • Pokemon Go players studied
  • "Good Wi-Fi Citizenship"
  • Imagine Academy available
  • Student Technology Assistant program
2017 - Spring
  • Students, teachers tout benefits of
  • Tech Coaching can help you get most out of D2L ePortfolio
  • "Phishing" scam can hook students
  • Makerspace now open at Walker Library
2016 - Fall
  • ePortfolio Ready to Help Students Show 'Who They Are'
  • Access Now Available for MT Students
  • Makerspace at Library Offers 3D Printing, Virtual Reality, More
  • Information on Student Voting in 2016 Election
  • Cool School Tools: Mathematica 11, Read & Write
  • MTechnology Update: Recap of Tech Resources
2015 - Fall
  • Campus Bandwidth Upgrade
  • Dance Instructor Uses Technology to Enhance Choreography Classes
  • Tennessee Has a New Area Code
  • Adaptive Technology Gives Instructor a New Calling
  • Stay Alert with Rave Alerts
  • Cable TV
  • MTSU'S Wireless Network
2011 - Fall
  • Antenna System to Eliminate Wireless "Dead Zones"
  • MTSU Gets New Cable TV Service
  • Microsoft Office 2010 Sports New Features
  • What Determines Wireless Signal Strength?
  • Rave Alerts Keep you Ahead of the Storms
  • Reaching the Help Desk
  • Computer Labs
  • Information Technology Resources Policy
  • Campus Payphone Locations
  • Star1 - Long Distance
  • Services for Students
  • MTSU'S Wireless Network
  • National Do Not Call Registry Available
2010 - Fall
  • University Launches New Student E-mail System
  • Keep Safe With Rave Alerts
  • Making Directory Assistance Cost Effective
  • Don't Let Viruses Get the Best of You
  • MTSU Web Site Gets a Makeover
  • Don't Fear Scareware
  • Reaching the Help Desk
  • Computer Labs
  • Information Technology Resources Policy
  • Campus Payphone Locations
  • Star1 - Long Distance
  • Services for Students
  • MTSU'S Wireless Network
  • National Do Not Call Registry Available
2009 - Fall
  • New NAC System Offers Security, Features
  • Protect Yourself with Rave Alerts
  • Voice Alert Feature Added to Rave Alert Emergency Notification System
  • Why Has My E-mail Been Quarantined?
  • Voice Mail Etiquette
  • Laptop Computer Hard Drives to be Encrypted
  • Go Green with Used Cell Phones
  • Keeping Your PDA Secure
  • MTSU'S Wireless Network
  • Reaching the Help Desk
  • Computer Labs
  • Information Technology Resources Policy
  • Notable Changes in Office 2007
  • Campus Payphone Locations
  • Services for Students
  • National Do Not Call Registry Available
2008 - Fall
  • ID Card Gets New Look
  • Gone Phishing
  • MTSU's Wirelesse Network
  • Map of Wireless Network Coverage
  • Lending a Helping Hand
  • Reaching the Help Desk
  • Computer Labs
  • Protecting Your Data the Easy Way
  • Information Technology Resources Policy
  • iTunes University Goes Public
  • Campus Payphone Locations
  • Notable Changes in Office 2007
  • Services for Students
  • National Do Not Call Registry Available
2007 - Spring
  • Hints for New Email System
  • MTSU 'On the Record'
  • ACT Classroom
  • MTSU's Wireless Network
  • InfoMT Kiosks
  • Computer Labs
  • Protecting Cell Phone Information
  • Five Easy-to-Do Computer Maintenance Tips
  • Student Support Update
  • Reaching the Help Desk
2006 - Fall
  • Illegal File Sharing
  • IT Security is Everyone's Responsibility
  • Social Security Protection
  • Clean Access aids wireless and residence hall networks
  • Use your MTSU email to communicate with faculty
  • Reaching the Help Desk
  • InfoMT Kiosks
  • Computer Labs
  • MTSU ID Card
  • MTSU's Wireless Network
  • Apple Discounts Available
  • Telecommunication Services
2006 - Spring
  • Software available to fight spyware, adware
  • WebMT for students
  • Beware of phishing
  • Blogs gaining plenty of attention
  • IT security is everyone's responsibility
  • How to add a desktop link to the ITD Help Desk
  • Clean Access aids wireless and residence hall networks
  • Use your MTSU email to communicate with faculty
  • Email scams can lead to identity theft
  • Verizon discount available for students
  • Telecommunication Services
  • Computer labs available to all students
2005 - Spring
  • Use your MTSU email to communicate with faculty
  • Email scams can lead to identity theft
  • Verizon discount available for students
  • Telecommunication Services
  • Computer labs available to all students
2004 - Fall
  • Identifying emails with viruses more challenging
  • TRAM being phased out
  • Is your email inbox over quota again?
  • PipelineMT upgraded to Luminis platform
  • Telecommunication Services
  • New Verizon Contract Means Discounts for Students
2003 - Fall
  • Help Desk, lab available 24/7
  • Keep your computer and information secure
  • Campus network
  • Email on campus
  • New search engine added to the site
  • Programs check for co-requisites
  • Campus computer, network resources should be used wisely
  • Telecommunications on campus
2003 - Spring
  • Get connected to all the information you need
  • Academic work gets priority on RESnet
  • Computers for students added to all cafeterias
  • Save time by 'barging in' to information system
  • Enhancements improve fee payment system
  • University sponsored for Internet2 access
  • Avoiding unwanted email difficult
  • Don't forget to cancel your private phone line
  • Directory sees changes
2002 - Fall
  • Get connected to all the information you need
  • Virus protection added to email server
  • Prevent unwanted eyes from seeing your personal information online
  • Bandwidth increased
  • Student housing project completed
  • Telecommunications services available for students
  • Computer labs open to students
2002 - Spring
  • PipelineMT comes to MTSU campus
  • ID card system upgrades, gets makeover
  • New voice-recognition telephone director service recently installed
  • Networking group completes projects
  • MTSU Web highlights
2001 - Fall
  • Virus alert
  • Taking advantage of available course Web tools
  • More university housing added to network
  • University computer labs
  • Regents Online Campus Collaborative courses offered at MTSU
  • Computer-based training offered
  • New course numbering system in place
  • Tips
  • MTSU's search engine improves format for users
  • Voice mail quick tips
  • MTSU Web highlights
2001 - Spring
  • Campus Pipeline ("PipelineMT") coming to MTSU
  • CourseInfo use at MTSU receives positive reaction from students
  • Applying for MTSU Foundation Scholarship becomes easier
  • Helpful hints on how to navigate the new MTSU home page
  • OIT networking improvements enhance MTSU campus
  • MTSU home page search engine undergoes improvements
  • Undergraduate plus/minus grading now in effect at MTSU
  • MTSU student Web highlights
2000 - Fall
  • New Campus Pipeline To Link MTSU Community
  • Undergraduate plus/minus grading now in effect at MTSU
  • OIT, SGA Work Together for New Internet Elections
  • A Closer Look at MTSU Computer Labs
  • Online Courses vs. Web-Enhanced Courses
  • Searchable Open Class Schedule on Web and InfoMT
  • Graduate and Undergraduate Catalogs Go Online
  • Network Improvements Rise To Meet Students' Needs
  • Help Desk Knowledge Base Goes Online To Assist MTSU Community
  • What Can the MTSU ID Card Do?
  • New Telecommunication Features Assist On-Campus Students
  • WebMail Available To MTSU Campus
  • Helpful Hints On How To Navigate the New MTSU Home Page
  • Web Highlights
1988 - Fall
  • Students Go Online for MTSU Courses
  • Y2K at MTSU
  • Look for Mulberry on a Lab PC Near You!
  • Research Notes: Lexis-Nexis UNIVerse
  • CBT on the Web
  • Voice Mail for Students
  • Have a Coke and a Smile With Your MTSU Student ID Card
  • Update: Student Technology Access Fee
  • HotLine Home
  • Apply Now for DMC Internship
  • FYI
1988 - Spring
  • Technology Permeates History
  • An Alternative Approach to Physics
  • Student Technology Access Fee at Work
  • Voice Mail for Students
  • What Computer Skills Do Employers Expect from Recent College Graduates?
  • Some Tips and Facts about Student Computing Accounts on Frank
  • Grand Opening Set for New Business and Aerospace Building
  • Digital Media Center Is Looking for Interns
  • Web Registration Coming for Summer and Fall 98 Classes
  • Win $500 in the Stock Market Game
  • FYI
1997 - Fall
  • Adaptive Technology On Campus
  • Designing Multimedia -- and New Goals -- at the Digital Media Center
  • Create Your Own Student Computing Account On-line
  • Voice Mail for MTSU Students
  • The MTSU Electronic Directory on the Web
  • Can You Surf the Internet With Your Frank Account?
  • Windows 95 Shortcuts and Tricks
  • A Few Information Technology Highlights of 1996-97
  • News Bits
  • Graduate Student Multimedia Development Center Now at the LRC
  • What Can You Do With Your MTSU ID
  • Scientia Online Journal at MTSU
  • New Business and Aerospace Building Opens
  • Long Distance for Residence Hall Students
  • New UserIDs on Frank Are Shorter and Easier to Remember
  • Digital Media Center Is Looking for Interns
  • Visit InfoMT Kiosks
  • FYI
1997 - Spring
  • MTSU Student's Web Page Tours the Cosmos
  • How to Connect to Frank from Off-Campus With Windows 95
  • MTSU on the Web
  • Look at What MTSU Faculty Are Putting on the World Wide Web
  • InfoMT: Self-Service Kiosks at MTSU
  • What Are Your Technology Needs? Student Survey Provides Some Answers
  • Address Books in Pine
  • Note re: Your Frank Account
  • DOs and DON'Ts: Computer and Network Acceptable Use Policy
  • Student Technology Access Fee: Your Money At Work
  • Digital Media Center Is Looking for Interns
  • World Wide Web Page Design Tips
  • The URL in a Nutshell
  • "Flame" Defined
  • Class Schedule Information on the Internet
  • TechnoTips
  • Web Sites for Students
1996 - Fall
  • The Top Five Myths about the Office of Information Technology (OIT)
  • Weaving Courses for Your Future
  • MTSU Spends 24 Hours in Cyberspace
  • Great Stuff on the OIT Web Page
  • Frank Upgrade Provides Necessary New Operating System
  • New Policy on Use of Computers and Networks at MTSU
  • Do Library Research on Frank
  • Printing from Frank
  • Internet Tools
  • MTSU Online from MCI
  • Visit InfoMT Kiosks on Campus for Touchscreen Access to Information and Services
  • Long Distance Telephone Services for MTSU Students
  • MTSU ID Office Information
  • Internships Available in the Digital Media Center
1996 - Spring
  • Wondering About All the Internet Hoopla?
  • How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My New Computer
  • Kiosks on Campus will give you Self-Service Convenience and Direct Access Information
  • Do Library Research with InfoTrac on Frank
  • Your Student Technology Access Fee at Work
  • unde0000: The Mystery of Your Frank Username
  • FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
  • Help Protect Yourself and Frank by Choosing a Secure Password
  • Internet Workshops
  • FYI
1995 - Fall
  • Welcome
  • Tell Them Frank Sent You
  • Student Internet Workshops
  • Schedule fo Student Internet Workshops
  • Registering? Paying Fees? Just Pick Up the Phone
  • I want one...I've got to have one
  • Your Student ID: Not Just Another Piece of Plastic
  • Technology Expressions
  • Need to Use a Computer? Visit a Campus Computer Lab
  • Master Classrooms Take You Beyond the Chalkboard
  • Come to the MTSU Technology Show
  • Campus Phone Services
  • Student Technology Access Fee Improves Students Labs Across Campus and More
  • Campus-wide Network


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