What Does it Cost?

Tuition and fee rates increase every academic year.  Please check after July 1 for the new academic year rates. 

2022-2023 eRate Information

The eRate is available to students who are classified as non‐residents of Tennessee and who are enrolled exclusively in online courses. To qualify, students must be verified as an out‐of‐state student enrolled exclusively in courses delivered online (Distance Lrn: Online Instructional Method or Distance Lrn:Online‐Async‐Sync Instructional Method).  Out‐of‐state students refers to geographic location and does not include undocumented students living in Tennessee.  Please allow one to two business days to update the billing statement for the eRate after schedule changes have been made.  Students enrolled in any type courses other than online (on‐ground, hybrid, remote/synchronous, etc.) will not be eligible for the eRate and will instead incur traditional out‐of‐state fees and charges. Students who enroll in both online courses and other type courses, and subsequently drop the other type courses, will not then become eligible for the eRate.   

Fall 2022 / Spring 2023 Regional Scholars Rate Information

The MTSU Regional Scholars Program allows select non-Tennessee resident students seeking an undergraduate or graduate degree who live within approximately 250 miles OR live anywhere with the contiguous eight states bordering Tennessee (Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina and Virginia) and meet specific academic requirements to attend MTSU at a greatly reduced rate.

2022-2023 Dual Enrollment Rate Information

Fall 2022 / Spring 2023 Housing and Meals

Housing and Meal Plan Rates

Please visit Housing & Residential Life for Summer and additional housing rates and information.

Visit the MT Dining page for additional meal plan information and to purchase a meal plan online. First year freshman living in the residence halls will be charged the required Freshman Meal Plan automatically.

Miscellaneous Fees

Late Registration Fee Applies starting on first day of classes for the semester. $ 100
Installment Payment Plan Service Charge Applies to student using the installment payment plan $ 50
Installment Payment Plan Late Fee Applies to installment payments not paid by the due date $ 25 per month
up to
$ 100 max
Return Check Service Charge Applies to each returned check. Non-refundable $ 30.00

Estimated Costs

$ 350 - $1,000
(depending on course load and major)
I.D. Card Replacement (Non-refundable) No charge for the first student I.D. issued. Non-refundable $ 10.00
Diploma Replacement Fee  Go to http://www.mtsu.edu/one-stop/docs/diplreplace.pdf. $30 per copy
Mandatory Health Insurance Required of all international students who do not carry private insurance.

$679.85 Semester
$1,631.64 Annual
$951.79 Spr/Summer
$261.10 Summer 2022

Dissertation Binding Fee
Thesis Binding Fee
1 Original and 4 Copies and microfilming (DR)
1 Original and 3 Copies
Extra Copy Thesis (or Dissertation Binding)
Travel Expenses See "Cost of Attendance."  
New Freshmen and Transfer Students One-time non-refundable application fee must be submitted with initial undergraduate application to MTSU $ 25.00
Re-enrollee Application fee is not required for former students who apply to re-enroll as undergraduate students. 0
International Students Undergraduate Only $ 30.00
Graduate Students

One-time non-refundable application fee must be submitted with initial application for each graduate degree level.

Physician's Assistant Program one-time non-refundable application fee.

$ 50.00