Summer Session FAQ's

Q: When is the application deadline for summer?
A: For summer there are no published deadlines; however, the sooner application is made, the earlier registration for summer classes can take place.

Q: What is considered full time status in the summer?
A: For undergraduate students, 12 hours is considered full time. For graduate students, 9 hours is considered full time.

Q: How many classes can I take in the summer?
A: Undergraduate students may not take more than 18 hours total without special approval from the academic advisor and the appropriate dean as determined by the student's major. The maximum credit hour load per part of term is listed below:


Number of Weeks

Maximum Hours

Full Term 1

13 weeks

18 hours

May Term S1

3 weeks

4 hours

May / June Term S5

8 weeks

8 hours

June Term S2

5 weeks

8 hours

July Term S3

5 weeks

8 hours

June / July Term S4

10 weeks

8 hours

TN eCampus Term R

10 weeks

18 hours

All Parts of Term: combined total of 18 hours 

Graduate Students
A normal full-time load for graduate students in nine to twelve graduate-level semester hours; however, full-time status for students holding graduate assistantships is six semester hours at the graduate level.

Graduate students are limited to a maximum load of 12 credit hours per term. If an exception to this 12-hour limit is requested, overload forms must be signed by the appropriate director of graduate studies and approved by the dean of the College of Graduate Studies.

Q: What are hybrid courses?
A: A hybrid course is an online course but generally requires a small number of clock hours in an on-campus session. Hybrid courses may include up to 15 hours of required or mandatory campus meetings. Students may review meeting dates/times in PipelineMT.

Q: I want MTSU online courses instead of TN eCampus. How do I specify that in PipelineMT?
A: When searching in  PipelineMT for courses through the "Advanced Search" button, in the "Instructional Method" box select "Distance Lrn: Online." This will get you to MTSU online courses. Some MTSU online classes require permission from the department before registering. If the class you need requires a permit, complete the online POD form. Find more information at the MTSU Online website.

Q: I want to enroll in a TN eCampus course. How do I specify that in PipelineMT?
A: When searching in  PipelineMT for courses through the "Advanced Search" button, in the "Subject" box select the course subject that is either followed by "(TN eCampus)" or by "(MTSU and TN eCampus)" or by "TN eCampus." Then in the "Instructional Method" box, select either or all of the following: "RODP-WEB Asynchronous DSP" or "RODP-WEB Asynchronous GR" or "RODP-WEB Asynchronous UG." This will get you to TN eCampus courses. If the class you need requires an override form before registering, complete the request for an override form.

Summer 2020 Terms

Full (12 weeks): 5/18–8/7
S3A (3 weeks): 5/18–6/5
S6A (6 weeks): 5/18–6/26
S5A (5 weeks): 5/26–6/26
S3B (3 weeks): 6/8–6/26
S3C (3 weeks): 6/29–7/17
S6B (6 weeks): 6/29–8/7
S5B (5 weeks): 7/6–8/7
S3D (3 weeks): 7/20–8/7
TN eCampus (10 weeks): 5/26–7/31



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