Summer Sessions at MTSU


Simply Summer 2015


Summer Sessions offers many benefits for students who take advantage of this opportunity. Students can advance toward their degree, catch up on degree requirements or take courses for personal and professional development. Further, we offer a variety of online courses in case you wish to earn college credit remotely.

Students usually take classes for several reasons: 

  • Stay on Track
  • To Get Ahead
  • Graduate Early
  • To Focus on a Challenging Course


Summer 2020 Terms

Full (12 weeks): 5/18–8/7
S3A (3 weeks): 5/18–6/5
S6A (6 weeks): 5/18–6/26
S5A (5 weeks): 5/26–6/26
S3B (3 weeks): 6/8–6/26
S3C (3 weeks): 6/29–7/17
S6B (6 weeks): 6/29–8/7
S5B (5 weeks): 7/6–8/7
S3D (3 weeks): 7/20–8/7
TN eCampus (10 weeks): 5/26–7/31



lottery and pell grant funding available to qualified students