Summer Sessions Mission

University Summer Sessions provides a comprehensive and balanced selection of high quality summer academic course offerings to enable students to pursue undergraduate and graduate academic degree programs; provides opportunities for innovative and experimental programs and activities to support the University's mission; and works to establish itself as an academically integrated and financially viable entity of the University.

University College's Role in University Summer Sessions

The role of University College in University Summer Sessions is to provide central administrative oversight by establishing and supporting conditions that ensure the success of University-wide summer sessions programming. We are committed to providing a broad range of course offerings for both graduate and undergraduate students during the summer. These summer offerings augment regular term offerings as well as provide the opportunity for year-round schooling for those students who have the need or desire.

University Summer Sessions Guiding Principles

  • University Summer Sessions should be student-driven.
    • What courses/programs do students need or want?
    • What times or instructional formats meet student needs?
    • What faculty are available to teach these courses?
  • University Sessions should provide the financial resources for ensuring quality instruction.
  • University Summer Sessions' course offerings and scheduling should help alleviate turn-away problems in the fall and spring.
  • University Summer Sessions should be structured to provide incentives for growth.



  • University Summer Sessions should be student-driven by offering courses students need for core requirements and major requirements.
  • University Summer Sessions course offerings and scheduling should provide consistency and stability so students can plan their academic careers and graduate in a timely schedule.
  • University Summer Sessions should be used to help alleviate turn-away problems during the fall and spring semesters.
  • University Summer Sessions should be operated on a financially self-supporting basis.
  • University Summer Sessions revenue margins should be shared with departments submitting proposals for the funding of projects to enhance summer offerings and student experiences.


Contact Information

Office of Summer Sessions
Middle Tennessee State University
1301 E. Main Street, Box 307
Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37132
Phone: 615.898.5783

Summer 2023 Terms

Full: 5/22 – 8/11
S3A: 5/22 – 6/9 
S6A: 5/22 – 6/30 
S5A: 5/30 – 6/30 
S3B: 6/12 – 6/30 
S3C: 7/3 – 7/21 
S6B: 7/3 – 8/11 
S5B: 7/10 – 8/11 
S3D: 7/24 – 8/11