Testing and Placement

Interpretation of Scores
All entering degree-seeking students less than 21 years of age will be assessed initially for prescribed course placement according to valid ACT/SAT scores. Permissible scores are less than five years old. Students with ACT scores lower than 19 in reading or math or lower than 18 in English are required to register in prescribed courses. Students with SAT scores lower than 500 in mathematics or lower than 500 in reading and/or lower than 490 in English have prescribed course requirement. Students may elect to verify this placement utilizing university assessment offered through the Academic Assessment Placement Test administered at MTSU through the University Studies Department. Please call (615) 898-2568 for an appointment.

Applicants who will be 21 years of age or older at the time of admission are invited to undergo university assessment or may elect to provide ACT/SAT scores that have been taken within five years prior to the first day of the first term of enrollment. If neither of these options are selected, students will be placed automatically into appropriate prescribed courses. For these purposes, university assessment includes: (1) completing a survey for English placement; (2) a test in reading comprehension; and (3) a test in mathematics covering algebra skills.  Additionally, transfer students who have not earned college-level, algebra based math or English credits may choose to undergo university assessment or be placed automatically in appropriate prescribed courses.

Students admitted as Adult Special who have not completed the first college-level course in English or algebra-based mathematics must undergo assessment in the appropriate subject area and must complete courses indicated by test placement prior to enrolling in the respective college-level English or mathematics course. Adult Special students must also enroll in the prescribed courses prior to enrolling in any college-level course that has the needed prescribed course as a prerequisite.

Students admitted with high school English or algebra deficiencies must undergo assessment based on valid ACT/SAT scores or university testing for the purpose of meeting high school unit admission criteria. GED students are included in this category.

Math Study Guide

A math study guide document is below along with an answer key for you to use.  You will need the Adobe PDF Reader.

Testing Fee Payment Site

The site you are about to connect to is the Academic Assessment Placement Test fee payment site. It is for making payment only after you have contacted the University Studies Department at Middle Tennessee State University and received the necessary instructions for completing the Academic Assessment Placement Test registration process. If you haven't already contacted the University Studies Department at 615-898-2568, you must do so before proceeding to the Academic Assessment Placement Test fee payment site. Otherwise, you may proceed to the Academic Assessment Placement Test fee payment site by clicking the link below.

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