University Seminar (UNIV 1010)

What is the secret of success in college?

You are! And YOU can increase your chances of success in your first year of college. Middle Tennessee State University offers a course to help you develop the tools you need to achieve success. This course is called University Seminar 1010.  Students often wonder what the class is like or what are the course goals.  Those who take it often comment that it was one of the most valuable courses they had.

Nationwide research has demonstrated that taking a course like University Seminar 1010 is one of the most effective strategies a student can use to support college success. Currently, we know that MTSU students who take this course have a higher graduation rate than those who do not take this course. Taking University Seminar 1010 can make a difference in you.

UNIV 1010 is a visible demonstration of the university's commitment to the academic success of entering first-year students. The purpose of the course is to equip students to move successfully from first-year status to graduating seniors. The course specifically provides information to ease the transition to the university during the first semester on campus and facilitates the development of strategies leading to a successful college career by helping new students appreciate the value of a higher education; learn about the numerous campus resources available to them; clarify their career goals; and refine their academic and social skills. In short, our goal is to help students become successful graduates. We strongly urge students to take the course during their first semester to start realizing the benefits immediately.

Numerous sections of University Seminar 1010 are offered to accommodate varying scheduling requirements. Several sections are linked to other courses as a part of Raider Learning Communities. Honors and online sections of the course are also available. Faculty, staff, and administrators that represent all areas and disciplines of the Middle Tennessee State University family teach University Seminar 1010. They are especially chosen to teach the course because they are not only excellent classroom teachers, but they are also committed to working with first-year students.

University Seminar 1010 is a three-credit-hour course, which can be counted toward the 120-semester-hour minimum graduation requirement. All students who have not declared an academic major are also required to take University Seminar 1010. Students with more than 24 hours are not eligible to enroll in this course.

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