SOAR Ambassadors

Meet our 2022-2023 SOAR Ambassadors 

Foram Patel

Peer Mentor Scholar

Foram Patel

Mentor students interested in getting involved with undergraduate research. Provide guidance related to URECA grants (proposal, budget, timeline) and the dissemination process.




URC Social Media & Communications

Erika Allen

Marzea Akter

Erika Allen & Marzea Akter

Assist with the URC monthly newsletter, social media takeovers, Facebook & Instagram posts, and marketing for events and happenings.





Casey Tomlin

Scholars Week Chair

Casey Tomlin

Help organize events for Scholars Week, primarily focused on the Research and Creative Activity Exposition. Serves as student liaison to MTSU Scholars week committee.




Brooke Busbee Leslie Gonzalez

READY to SOAR Coordinators

Brooke Busbee & Leslie Gonzalez Salazar

Oversee the creation and implementation of the “READY (Research Experience Activity Designed for Youth) to SOAR program. This new program is an opportunity for area high school students to visit MTSU’s campus for an immersive research or creative activity experience. The goal of the program is to showcase MTSU’s undergraduate research opportunities to potential students including a site visit (examples: lab, MTSU farm, theatre, etc.).


ORSP Research Assistants

Saman Kittani & Luke GormsenLuke Gorsmen Saman Kitani


Assists with research and data analysis projects; assists with newsletter, website, and other communications.





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