Creating Course Documents with the Student in Mind: A Hands-on Assignment Sheet Workshop

Fall 2022


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In the University Writing Center, we have seen how well-written assignment sheets can help students achieve writing goals and succeed in class. Students who come to the Writing Center with clear instructions often show more confidence in tackling their assignments and produce work that is more congruent with the instructor’s expectations. In this workshop, we invite you to rethink your assignment sheets for this semester with the student in mind. This workshop will help you craft an assignment sheet that is user-friendly and helpful to students by asking you to consider design, organization, language, and content. Your assignment can be for essays, discussion posts, multi-modal projects, or any other project that needs written instructions. Whether you are a new graduate teaching assistant writing an assignment sheet for the first time or a veteran instructor looking to freshen an existing assignment, this hands-on workshop will give you the tools you need to craft a clear assignment sheet. If you have an existing assignment sheet you want to revise, we ask you to have it available during the workshop.


This is a Zoom workshop.


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