AMP Works

AMP Works - Workshop (Occupational Burnout)

106, Paul W. Martin, Sr. Honors Building (HONR)

Advisor Mastery Program (AMP) Workshops

These workshops will focus primarily on advisor skill-building and knowledge-building. Potential topics include:

  • Technical/Software/Administrative skills (Excel, TEAMS, ARGOS, reading high school transcripts, etc.)
  • Advising approaches and best practices
  • Legal/Ethical issues in advising
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Workshops will be offered once a month, and will generally be worth 1 point (unless otherwise stated). Workshops will vary in terms of being offered in-person or via zoom.

More Details

This session will focus on "Creative Strategies for Managing Workplace Stress and Fatigue and Preventing Burnout" .

As workplace stress and fatigue increases, so can burnout. This 90-minute interactive presentation will explore causes as well as creative practices that can assist keeping the flames of burnout at bay. 

It will be hosted in person, location Honors 106. Hosted by Department of Social Work Professor Jamie Langley.

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