Supporting International Students: What Can Faculty Do?

Fall 2022

348, James E. Walker Library (LIB)

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MTSU alumni live in 123 countries, and MTSU currently hosts international students from 62 countries (MTSU International Recruitment Brochure 2022). How can you ensure an education that is equitable, inclusive, engaging, and accommodating for such a diverse community of international students?

The goal of this workshop is to consider the challenges that international students face and discuss the best ways to facilitate this impressively diverse community of international students. This workshop will enable MTSU faculty members to predict and address international students’ linguistic, cultural, academic, social, and demographic challenges, and will equip the faculty with cultural and pedagogical tools to help the students navigate these challenges to make their academic experience enriching, equitable, and memorable.

If you have questions, contact Lando Carter.

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