Incorporating Experiential OER Badges and Certifications to Enhance Student Learning and Workforce Preparedness

Fall 2022


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Employers continue to criticize the lack of workforce preparedness of recent college graduates since many students struggle with understanding and connecting material from multiple classes. As a result, students typically have difficulty articulating to potential employers what exactly they learned in college. At MTSU, students have an opportunity to participate in experiential learning classes (MT Engage, EXL) which should better prepare them for the workforce. One particular way that faculty could incorporate experiential learning in a course is through the usage of OER (Open Educational Resources) badges and certifications. These badges and certifications allow students the opportunity to stand out from other job applicants and showcase skills developed. These certifications and badges are not only applicable to in-person classes but online, remote, and hyflex delivery options as well. At this workshop, we will discuss the results of a year-long FLC dedicated to this topic. Some of the talking points will include (1) available OER badges and certifications, (2) research conducted on student attitudes toward OER projects, and (3) experiences of FLC faculty.


This is a Zoom workshop.

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