AMP Works

AMP Works - Required DegreeWorks Training

Parliamentary Room, Student Union (STU)

Advisor Mastery Program (AMP) Workshops

These workshops will focus primarily on advisor skill-building and knowledge-building. Potential topics include:

  • Technical/Software/Administrative skills (Excel, TEAMS, ARGOS, reading high school transcripts, etc.)
  • Advising approaches and best practices
  • Legal/Ethical issues in advising
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Workshops will be offered once a month, and will generally be worth 1 point (unless otherwise stated). Workshops will vary in terms of being offered in-person or via zoom.

More Details

This is a mandatory training for all advisors with Dr. Tyler Henson to discuss the changes, common issues, and updates to Degree Works. There will be two identical sessions held to accomdate advisors schedules. There are significant changes being made that impact the entire look and audit software, so it is imperative for all advisors to be in attendance. 

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