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Welcome to the Dance Program pages for the Tennessee Governor's School for the Arts.

June 6th - July 2nd, 2010

Dance Program Goals

"The arts - visual arts, theatre, music and dance - challenge and extend human experience." * Dance is a means of self-awareness and a fundamental form of communication as well as a performance art. Students of an age and readiness for the Governor's School for the Arts are exposed to an intensive multifaceted program within a community of interdisciplinary arts professionals and aspirants - a stimulating environment which facilitates learning.

In addition to the technical benefits of an intensive dance program, the Governor's School experience is intended to:

  1. Engage the imagination
  2. Encourage intellectual curiosity and creative thinking
  3. Improve self-discipline
  4. Enhance decision making particularly with regard to career choices

Governor's School students learn that dance is inherent to our heritage and world and that of others around us. Students are encouraged to perceive, evaluate and understand dance as a conveyer of culture. The program strives to integrate and enrich the balanced development of the whole person.

* Academic Preparation for College. New York: The College Board, 1983

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