Physical Education

Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) Program

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Physical Education is offered for students seeking a Tennessee K-12 Physical Education Teaching License. Guided by the NASPE Standards for beginning teachers, the major prepares teacher candidates in the areas of physical education content knowledge, instructional assessment, curriculum planning, and effective pedagogical skills. The program includes courses in the major disciplinary areas of physical education as well as courses that include significant clinical and practical experiences.

The MTSU physical education teacher education faculty members believe in the importance and value of quality, daily physical education. We strongly recommend that all children and adolescents receive quality, daily physical education under the direction of licensed physical education teachers. We believe that all students have the right to be treated with dignity and respect by their physical education teachers. Finally, we believe that all students deserve quality instruction during physical education.

The following best practices in teaching physical education characterize teacher candidates at MTSU. These practices align with the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) Physical Education Standards, Tennessee Standards for Physical Education Teacher Education, and "best practices" as determined through the latest research and scholarship. Research supports implementation of best practices and elimination of unacceptable practices for teachers.

Best Practices in Physical Education: The following practices are modeled by MTSU teacher candidates.

  1. Teachers provide developmentally appropriate explanations, demonstrations, learning tasks, and assessment.
  2. Students have the opportunity to be motor active for 50% or more of the class period on most days.
  3. Students have the opportunity to learn and practice the skills required for a healthy level of health-related physical fitness.
  4. Students are taught to become competent, self-reliant movers who enjoy being physically active.
  5. Teachers employ a variety of assessment practices that help students learn.
  6. Teachers insure that inclusive learning experiences are provided for all learners.
  7. Teachers present lessons that are aligned with NASPE and Tennessee standards for physical education.

Unacceptable Practices in Physical Education: The following practices are not utilized by MTSU teacher candidates.
We do not:

  1. Use exercise as punishment.
  2. Employ games and activities that eliminate children from participation.
  3. Employ games and activities that force children to wait in line.
  4. Overemphasize competition.
  5. Select activities and games in which children try to hit other children with equipment.
  6. Select activities and games that put children at risk of injury.

Reference: NASPE (2004). Moving into the future: National standards for physical education, 2nd ed.Reston, VA: National Association for Sport and Physical Education.

The mission of the PETE program is to prepare teacher candidates for the critical role of school physical education teachers who are committed to providing their students with high quality physical education programs where learning is promoted through a variety of physical activities and movement experiences.

The PETE program consists of 120 credits, which includes 41 hours of General Studies.

Each student in the PETE Program is assigned to an academic advisor. Prior to registration students are required to met with an academic advisor to plan course selections and discuss progression goals. Questions about academic advising assignments should be directed to the Undergraduate Program Office Advisor, Kelsey Szpara, in AMG 119.



Effective Summer 2010
General Studies Total: 41 hours


Physical Education Activity/Concepts Courses Total: 22 hours
PHED 3430 Skill Themes: Games, Gymnastics, Rhythms 3.0
PHED 3720 Fitness Education 3.0
PHED 3760 Water Safety Instructor 3.0
PHED 3930 Concepts/Tactics of Teaching Games 3.0
PHED 4930 Concepts/Tactics of Teaching Territory Games 3.0*
PHED 4940 Concepts/Tactics of Teaching Net/Wall Games 3.0*
PHED 4470 Educational Rhythms for Teachers 3.0*


Related Professional Courses Total: 18 hours
PHED 3300 First Aid and CPR 3.0
PHED 4400 Motor Behavior 3.0*
PHED 4710 Authentic Assessment in Teaching PE 3.0*
PHED 4780 Curriculum in Physical Education 2.0*
PHED 4910 Applied Kinesiology & Biomechanics 3.0*
PHED 4990 Seminar in Teaching PE 3.0*


Physical Education Methods Courses Total:12 hours
PHED 3800 Teaching Physical Education 3.0
PHED 3900 Adaptive Physical Education 3.0
PHED 4800 Elementary PE Teaching Methods 3.0*
PHED 4900 Secondary PE Teaching Methods 3.0*


Professional Education Total:15 hours
FOED 1110 Education as a Profession 3.0
FOED 2110 Educational Psychology 3.0
SPED 3010 Diverse Learners 3.0
SPSE 3220 Technology in Teaching 3.0*
YOED 3500 Instructional Design-Critical Thinking 3.0*


Professional Semester (YOED 4110) Total: 12 hours
YOED 4000 Managing the Classroom for Instruction 3.0*
YOED 4110 Directed Teaching, Grades 7-12 9.0*


Curricular Hours in PETE Total: 120 hours
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