Emergency Assistance

Covid-19 Related Resources

To further assist our students in need please check this list  of additional resources for emergency assistance options beyond what you see listed below.  

MTSU Student Food Pantry

MTSU's Student Food Pantry is available to any actively enrolled MTSU student with a valid student ID. Students must come to the MT One Stop counter in the Student Services and Admissions Center to access the food pantry. Students are allowed to visit the food pantry once a week. The food pantry is stocked based on student and community donations. The pantry holds non-perishable, canned, boxed and dried food options as well as personal and feminine hygiene products for students. The pantry is open Monday through Friday from 8:00am - 4:30pm, and additional information can be found on the website

State Farm Safety Net Fund

The Safety Net Fund was established to assist students who are at risk of losing their basic needs, which can include but are not limited to: housing, food, health, or transportation. In accordance with MTSU’s Quest for Student Success, this fund “addresses with vigor, the wellness, financial health, and safety needs of students” by helping students in need with emergency financial assistance. Students will not be required to repay funds, as financial assistance given from this fund will not function as a loan. The goal of this fund is to assist students who are having a difficult time due to unexpected life events and do not have adequate support systems. Students seeking emergency financial assistance from the Safety Net Fund will have to complete the application and provide the appropriate documentation demonstrating need and limited support. During this time of the Covid-19 emergency response and for the safety of students and staff, please email Safety Net Applications to Danielle.Rochelle@mtsu.edu

Students that classify as at-risk or experiencing homelessness per the FAFSA will be given priority, as this information can be collected from the Homeless Verification paperwork.

SGA Emergency Loan Program

The SGA Emergency Loan Program may provide small loans of $100 to both graduate and undergraduate students with an emergency need. The loans are short-term and must be repaid in 30 to 90 days. Students do NOT need to have filed a FAFSA form to be eligible for an SGA loan. However, the student will not be eligible for an SGA loan if they currently owe an MTSU balance. Student must be enrolled in six (6) credit hours during fall/spring semesters and/or enrolled in three (3) credit hours during the summer. Students may only receive one SGA loan per semester. International students are excluded from receiving an SGA Loan. Students seeking help should be referred to the MT One Stop. Funds are limited.

Emergency Short-Term Foundation Loans

The Emergency Short-Term Foundation Loan provides loans of up to $500 to undergraduate, graduate and international students. Students do NOT need to have filed a FAFSA form to be eligible for an Emergency Short-Term Foundation Loan. Applicants must provide a paycheck stub or show proof of ability to repay the loan. Graduate assistants and student workers may receive the loan against their monthly stipend or amount of their regular paycheck. Students may only receive one Emergency Short-Term Foundation Loan per semester. Students seeking help should be referred to the MT One Stop. Funds are limited.

MTSU Student Micro-Grants

Through the support of our community and the Lewis Hazelwood Student Emergency Fund, MTSU has a dedicated pool of funds available to help students with emergency needs that may impact their ability to continue their education. These micro-grants are designed to provide funding to help address verified need associated with a student’s education; as such they may be used to help provide funds for tuition/fees, books, housing, transportation, etc. Each academic college will have a limited pool of funds from which to award grants as approved by the dean or designee.

These funds are awarded as grants and do not have to be repaid. Micro-grants are available up to an amount of $250 and are available to undergraduate, graduate and international students. Students may be awarded the micro-grant only once during their tenure at MTSU.

To be eligible, students must be in academic good standing, with a minimum of a 2.0 overall cumulative GPA at the time of the request. Student must be classified as degree seeking and be enrolled in six (6) credit hours during fall/spring semesters and/or enrolled in three (3) credit hours during the summer. Students must also demonstrate satisfactory academic progress as determined by the MTSU Financial Aid office. Students currently on financial aid warning, probation or suspension are not eligible. Students receiving other forms of financial aid may not receive the mini-grant if it will cause them to exceed their allowable Total Cost of Attendance calculation.

Students seeking support should contact their college advisor or the dean’s office in the college of their major to obtain additional information regarding the micro-grant. The dean or his designee will review the student’s situation and determine a final recommendation to the dean, contact the MTSU Financial Aid office to verify student eligibility and begin the disbursement process.