Leisure and Sport Management, Five Year B.S./M.S. Concentration

Leisure and Sport Management, ABM Pathway

Earn your bachelor's and your master's degree in Leisure, Sport, and Tourism Management within 5 years. Set yourself apart.

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Leisure and Sport Management, ABM Pathway, B.S.

High achieving students majoring in Leisure and Sport Management who intend to pursue a master's degree in Leisure, Sport, and Tourism Management may apply to participate in the Accelerated Bachelors/Masters (ABM) pathway. The pathway allows undergraduate students an opportunity to complete select requirements for both the bachelor's and master's degrees simultaneously. Upon successful completion of the ABM pathway, students may submit an application (including application fee) to the graduate program. Additional application requirements will be waived, and the student will be admitted to the program automatically. For more information about the ABM pathway, see the Graduate Catalog.


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News Briefs

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The exciting Leisure and Sport Management program offers a range of career opportunities in the areas of outdoor recreation, sport, and community recreation management. This ever-changing field requires skilled, versatile professionals with expertise in program design and delivery, personnel management, and agency administration. Students have access to real world experience ranging from internships at state parks to study abroad experiences in Argentina. Potential careers include work in:

Outdoor Recreation

  • National and State Park Service Ranger
  • Summer Camp Director
  • Environmental Educator
  • Climbing Gym General Manager
  • Wilderness Leadership Instructor (e.g., NOLS, OB)

Sports Management

  • Athletic administration
  • Coaching (all levels)
  • Community/public relations
  • General management
  • Community and Recreational sport
  • Youth sport

Recreation Administration

  • Recreation Center Director
  • University Campus Recreation Director
  • Community Athletic League Director
  • Day Camp Director
  • Older Adult Recreation Programmer
  • Community Parks Superintendent

Employers of MTSU alumni include

  • Yosemite National Park
  • Arnold Air Force Base
  • LSU Campus Recreation
  • Climb Nashville
  • Metro Nashville YMCA
  • Tennessee State Parks





Mission Statement

The Leisure and Sport Management Program prepares graduates to address current and future challenges faced by leisure and sport agencies as well as the communities that they serve. Our approach to education is built on the formation of trusting relationships, a problem-based approach to instruction, and a willingness to challenge the status quo as well as our own comfort zones.

Vision Statement

The Leisure and Sport Management Program envisions a world in which all individuals have access to and can enjoy the benefits of safe and enriching leisure, sport, and recreation opportunities.

Core Values

In pursuit of its mission, the Leisure and Sport Management Program cultivates the following values:

  • Curiosity. An interest in asking practical and intellectual questions that are based on the recognition that we always have more to learn. Curiosity necessarily entails an openness towards diverse points of view and life experiences.
  • Collaboration. Almost every significant accomplishment in our field requires the collaboration of many individuals. Successful collaboration requires a willingness to ask for help, an openness to feedback, and a reasonable sacrifice of personal ambition for the good of the group.
  • Professionalism. An attitude that understands that our everyday work is part of the larger field of leisure and sport management. We identify ourselves as leisure and sport professionals and take pride in our contributions to the field.

Forms & Manuals

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