SGA Senate Legislation

Active Legislation      Archived Legislation

Date Legislation ID Title Sponsors Status Notes
Spring 2021 Resolution 1-21-S Create another study day Senator Jada Powell Approved  
Spring 2021 Resolution 2-21-S Place a vending machine in Todd Hall Senator Kimmie Garvy Approved  
Spring 2021 Resolution 2-21-S-FC Remedy the lack of outdoor seating outside "The Middle" dining area Councilor Grayce Sanders Approved  
Spring 2021 Resolution 4-21-S For faculty to respond to student emails in a timely manner Senator Robert Carey Approved  
Spring 2021 Resolution 5-21-S Increase student trustee presence on campus Senator Butterfield Approved  
Spring 2021 Resolution 6-21-S Remove the name of Forrest Hall and rename at a later time Senator Gabriella Hunt & Destiny Campbell Approved  
Fall 2020 Bill 1-20-F-FC Decrease the time given to the VP of Student Affairs to veto a bill Councilor Jessica Rodgers Approved  
Fall 2020 Bill 2-20-S Replace the SGA forum requirement with College Connections Senator Cody Maness   Presented Spring 2020
Fall 2020 Bill 3-20-S Implement polling stations during SGA elections Senator Winton Cooper   Presented Spring 2020
Fall 2020 Resolution 1-20-F Implement technical issue reporting system & faculty training on computer programs and applications Senator Butterfield    
Spring 2020 Bill 1-20-S Require SGA to complete diversity training Senator Winton Cooper    
Spring 2020 Resolution 1-20-S Extend Library hours during finals week Senator Ayanna Bronner    
Spring 2020 Resolution 2-20-S Upgrade parking garage technology Senator Blaze Harrison    
Spring 2020 Resolution 2-20-S-FC Implement a campus clean-up campaign Councilor Moore    
Spring 2020 Resolution 3-20-S Improve the D2L grading system Senator Blaze Harrison    
Spring 2020 Resolution 4-20-S Advertise MTSU's Amnesty policy Senator Blaze Harrison    
Spring 2020 Resolution 5-20-S Decrease nicotine usage at MTSU Senator Daniel Dupuy    
Spring 2020 Resolution 6-20-S Create an official First Friends Program at MTSU Senator Winton Cooper