Disability & Access Center


  • If you have a disability, you should notify your instructor in each of your classes that you have a disability and will require assistance should an emergency occur.
  • In the event of an emergency, instructors should notify emergency response personnel, police, or the fire department regarding individuals with disabilities in their classes or areas of responsibility.
  • For more information about evacuation policies and assistance, please visit the following site: www.mtsu.edu/ada/evac.php

Campus safety alerts as well as critical information pertinent to a specific student can be received via MTSU’s Critical Notification System, also known as Rave Alert. All current student, staff, and faculty email addresses are automatically loaded into the MTSU Rave Alert (Critical Notification) System. You will be notified by email by default.

If you would like to receive text messages and/or voice alerts, please log into your account using your Pipeline credentials by going to http://www.getrave.com/login/mtsu and enter your phone number and/or additional email addresses. For further information, go to http://www.mtsu.edu/alert4u/faqs.php.


In an effort to effectively respond to student requests for special housing modifications or accommodations, Housing and Disabled Student Services (DSS) will work close together to assure that students' needs can be addressed. We will encourage each student who is a campus resident to alert their Area Coordinator at the beginning of the semester that they may need assistance during an evacuation.