meet our staff

Hillary YeagerHillary Yeager: Editor-in-Chief

I am a third year PhD Student studying American Literature and Composition and Rhetoric. My current obsessions are Welcome to Night Vale, anything written by Edith Wharton, and exploring audience and cultural studies. I love coffee, earl grey tea, reading good books, and contemplating deep philosophical issues, like why people use Comic Sans font even though it's clearly a very bad idea. 

Corey Cummings Associate EditorCorey Cummings: Associate Editor

I am a Master’s student with a healthy appetite for all things nerdy. I have dabbled in short fiction, playwriting and screenwriting. I am a great lover of films and the creative process of filmmaking. When I am not listening to podcasts about Star Wars, I am hard at work on my own podcast celebrating film and the power of storytelling.

Nick DalbeyNick Dalbey: Editorial Assistant

I am a second year English graduate student at MTSU. My interests include (but are not limited to…) literary research, Netflix, writing poetry, practicing bluegrass guitar, and competing in the Highland Games. I have also recently been published in MTSU’s Scientia et Humanitas journal. One of my on-going projects is figuring out how to maintain a high level of academic productivity while entertaining a cat whose only goal in life is to sit on my keyboard.

Matt OliveMatthew Olive: Editorial Assistant

I’m an undergraduate English major and will graduate in May, 2017. I’ve mostly focused on poetry in the past, but lately I’ve been experimenting with cross-genre work. In general, I appreciate all things experimental, which is why I’m really excited to be a part of Off-Center. I work with various other journals/magazines and have been publishing for about a year. My favorite writers are Kurt Vonnegut, Isaac Asimov, and Adrienne Rich. My two favorite quotes are “Time put things in their place,” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and “Your children are not your children,” by Khalil Gibran.