Foreign Language Placement Test

If you took foreign language classes in high school, during foreign residence, or at home, you should take the foreign language placement test.  If you do not already have college language credit, you may take the placement test for French, German or Spanish.  Latin, Japanese, Arabic and other languages are available upon request.  The test will tell us at what level you should enroll.  You can earn up to twelve credit hours for language skills by taking this exam.  Credit earned on the placement exam will be awarded when you have completed the recommended course with a grade of C or better.  The exam takes about 20 minutes, is free, is computerized, and you will find out immediately the course level in which you need to enroll.  Placement exams are given in the Foreign Language Laboratory, Room 303A, Boutwell Dramatic Arts Building whenever the lab is open. 

Any questions, please contact the Department of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures at 615.898.2981.