SPARE Councils

Currently, SPARE includes six councils (Concerts, Films, Marketing, Social Awareness, Spirit Activities, and Variety) that are completely comprised of current MTSU students working together to plan events, as well as operating the Student Union Game Room. MTSU Student Programming and Raider Enertainment's weekly events throughout the school year include Trivia Nights, Open Mic Nights, and Movie Nights. Additionally, there are special events such as the Week of Welcome Comedian, MT Idol, and the annual screening of Rocky Horror Picture Show. More information on each of the councils can be found below.


SPARE presents music from a wide array of genres to the student body. Hundreds of professional entertainers and internationally famous concert acts have performed at MTSU. Regional and local artists are featured regularly, and other opportunities to host award-winning college acts and national touring artists may arise throughout the year. Traditions include:Open Mic Night and MT Idol.

For more information, contact the Concerts Manager at or visit us in Student Union, Room 340.


Throughout each week in the school year, SPARE presents full length feature films in the Student Union Video Theater. Selections may include current major studio releases, documentaries, cult films, throwback films, and public domain movies. Traditions include The Rocky Horror Picture Show and the Student Film Festival.

For more information, contact the Films Manager at or visit us in Student Union, Room 340. 

Game Room

Located on the first floor of the Student Union Building, the Game Room houses pool tables, ping-pong tables, and video game systems. While there is not a council for the Game Room, the Game Room Manager and student employees in the Game Room will program special events and tournaments. Regular patrons and visitors are encouraged to leave feedback and event ideas in the suggestion box.  If you are interested in employment as an attendant in the Student Union Game Room, please visit this page for employment information. Facility information can be found here.


SPARE is excited to introduce our newest administrative council, Marketing. Students will develop ideas for content marketing via social media, assist with face-to-face promotions, and develop marketing events to support the programming councils. The marketing council will have events as needed, for example a photobooth/giveaway table to gain attention for an upcoming concert.

For more information, contact the Marketing Manager at (insert email) or visit us in Student Union, Room 340.

Social Awareness

SPARE is excited to introduce our newest programming council, Social Awareness. Regional and local artists will be featured regularly, along with documentaries, speakers, and more! Students on the Social Awareness council will have a chance to help select the performers, speakers, and programs while helping educate the general student body on relevant societal and cultural ideologies and issues.

For more information, contact the Social Awareness Manager at or visit us in Student Union, Room 340.

Spirit Activities

SPARE and the MTSU Athletic Department work together each year to excite the students for our various Conference USA sporting events. The SPARE executive board oversees  the planning and execution of pregame activities at Walnut Grove before football games as well as special events for other sports.

For more information, email the SPARE President at or visit us in Student Union, Room 340. 


SPARE will plan, produce and conduct a yearly program of novelty activities, comedians, and game nights throughout the school year. Overseen by the Variety Manager, variety traditions include the Week of Welcome Comedian, and the MTSU After Dark programs.

For more information, contact the Variety Manager at or visit us in Student Union, Room 340.

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