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Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy

As a community we hope to help you make informed financial decisions during your time at MTSU, but also to prepare you for life after college. In helping to prepare you we offer financial literacy presentations as well as on-campus events focused on your financial well-being. In addition to the presentations and events, we also offer a list of additional resources and financial basics to help you learn at your own pace. 

A Campus Goal

MTSU is dedicated to the financial wellness of our students as a part of our goal to, “…graduate students who are prepared to thrive professionally, committed to life-long learning, and actively engaged as citizens of their communities and the world.” As a community we aim to achieve this goal by “enhancing the quality of the student life experience,by addressing the financial health of students.

Adapted from: Quest for Student Success 2025 Concept

An Accreditation Standard

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on College (SACS) standard 12.6, requires the institution provides information and guidance to help student borrowers understand how to manage their debt and repay their loans.
In order to address the national increase in student loan debt and loan default rates, this standard requires that institutions provide information and guidance to help student borrowers better understand how to manage their debt and repay their loans. The standard focuses on providing financial management information and guidance to student borrowers. The standard expects institutions to ensure that students are appropriately informed of the obligations associated with debt and repayment of student loans.

Adapted from: SACS Resource Manual

– Outreach and Support Programs Coordinator

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