History of the College

In 1951, the Middle Tennessee State College Graduate School was established in recognition of the importance that graduate instruction had attained. In 1991, as graduate education continued to grow and develop, the Graduate School was renamed as the College of Graduate Studies at Middle Tennessee State University to signify the academic status of the College. All graduate degrees are awarded by the College of Graduate Studies, under the auspices of the Graduate Dean.

Middle Tennessee State University, founded in 1911 as a Normal School, is now a major public institution of higher learning in the state, the southeast, and the nation, is a member of the State University and Community College System of Tennessee. The University draws energy from and responds to the vibrant and diverse culture of middle Tennessee, known for its internationally recognized arts, entertainment, and music communities; an innovative health-care sector; a robust manufacturing economy; and the historic Tennessee Walking Horse. As a broad-based, comprehensive university, Middle Tennessee State University offers selected graduate programs, primarily serving students of the region but also attracting many others from across the nation and throughout the world. The University takes pride in providing quality educational programs that incorporate the most recent technologies to meet the changing needs of the dynamic environment. At the same time, it maintains a sense of community and a commitment to student-centered learning. Its focus on scholarship reflects an increasing emphasis on research, creative arts, and public and professional service--activities that mirror the vitality of its students, its faculty, and the region. Middle Tennessee State University remains committed to the education of a non-racially identifiable student body and promotes diversity and access without regard to race, gender, religion, national origin, age, disability, or veteran status.

Students of the College of Graduate Studies are expected to demonstrate superior talent, high motivation, and dedication to advancing the goals of the University. These goals include an emphasis on academic excellence, teaching distinction, public service, research, expanding economic opportunity, cultural preservation, and quality of life. To achieve those ends the University seeks outstanding, highly motivated students.

Middle Tennessee State University offers graduate programs at the certificate, masters, specialist and doctoral levels, with more than 100 programs of study from which to choose. From short-term-study certificate programs to doctoral degrees, MTSU has something for almost everyone. Niche programs in recording arts and technologies, aviation administration, and public history attract top scholars from around the world. The University routinely hosts students who participate in renowned programs such as the Fulbright and Muskie Fellowships. We are a leader in graduate education in Tennessee!