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How to Apply

Transfer Students

An undergraduate applicant who previously has registered at any college or university since high school graduation must apply as a transfer student.

To meet Guaranteed Admissions requirements, transfer students must either:

  1. Earn 24 or more semester hours with a 2.00 or higher cumulative grade point average from all post-secondary institutions attended. OR
  2. Meet the freshman guaranteed admission standards if they have earned less than 24 hours (or less than 35 quarter hours) AND have a cumulative college GPA of 2.0 or higher. OR
  3. Not have been enrolled in any post-secondary institution in the 12 months preceding the term for which they are applying. They will be eligible for admission with 24 or more earned semester hours but will be admitted on academic probation if their cumulative grade point average is less than 2.00.

Applicants who do not meet the standards above, but who wish to be considered for admission to MTSU can fill out a personal statement form for consideration by the Admissions Review Board.

To be considered for admissions, transfer students must:

  1. Complete the application for admission and pay the nonrefundable $25 application fee. Students who have previously applied and paid the application fee do not need to submit a second application fee. These students need to contact the Undergraduate Admissions office to update their application if updating to the next semester. Otherwise, these students should submit a new application and contact Undergraduate Admissions to process the application rather than submitting an additional application fee.
  2. High School and College officials can use our secure Dynamic Form to send transcripts or we accept any electronic transcript services. 

    Transcripts may not be submitted to MTSU via email.  To protect the personally identifiable information of prospective students, any transcript sent via email will be deleted and will not be processed. 

    Official Transcripts can also be mailed to:

    MTSU Undergraduate Admissions
    SSAC 120
    1301 E. Main St.
    Murfreesboro, TN  37132
    • The high school transcript requirement will be waived if the student graduated prior to 1989 or has earned a bachelor’s degree.
    • Concealment of previous college or university attendance may be cause for rejection, cancellation of admissions, or dismissal of the student.
    • Send Personal Statement if applicable

It will take 2-3 weeks from the date the last piece of documentation is received for a decision to be made on the student’s file.

Students who wish to be considered for Incoming Transfer Scholarships must apply by February 15. 

Spring applications will be accepted through December 15. Spring start students are not eligible to be considered for an Incoming Transfer Scholarship.

A comprehensive list of steps transfer students will need to take to enroll at MTSU can be found on the Checklist to Transfer.

Information on General Requirements for Baccalaureate Degrees can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog

A minimum of 50 semester hours of senior college credit will be required for all students who transfer from colleges of less than four-year designation.

A minimum of 25 percent of credit for each degree awarded by MTSU must be earned through offerings by the University. Typically, a minimum of 30 hours earned through MTSU is required; however, in degree programs of more than 120 semester hours a greater number of hours would be required.

Transfer applicants graduating from high school in 1989 or after and who have not yet earned a bachelor’s degree are subject to the high school unit requirements.

The Admissions Office does not offer a course-by-course evaluation of credit if students have already earned a bachelor’s degree. However, an academic advisor will be able to assist students in determining the courses needed for a second bachelor’s degree.

Based on valid ACT/SAT sub scores or transcript information,  transfer students may be required to enroll in prescribed courses. Students with ACT scores lower than 19 in reading or math or lower than 18 in English are required to register in prescribed courses. Students with SAT scores, taken prior to March 2016, lower than 460 in mathematics or lower than 460 in critical reading/writing have prescribed course requirements. Students with SAT scores, taken March 2016 or after, lower than 510 in mathematics or lower than 510 in reading and/or lower than 500 in English have prescribed course requirement. Students without valid ACT/SAT scores and who have not earned college level mathematics or English credits have the option to take the Academic Assessment Placement Test, or be placed in the first level of the appropriate required prescribed courses. The Academic Assessment Placement Test must be completed prior to registering for classes.

Students transferring new credits (regardless of term completed) will have grades posted with a leading ‘T’ (began Summer 2015). Transfer credits will not be calculated in certain GPAs such as the Overall GPA used for graduation or the Overall Combined GPA used for retention. The Inclusive Combined GPA (all grades at MTSU and transfer) is used to determine if a student meets admissions requirements and initial eligibility for university transfer scholarship.

Transfer students who are admitted on probation will be required to enroll in UNIV 2020 their first semester of enrollment.

Use the chart below to convert quarter hours to semester hours.

Quarter HoursSemester Hours

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