Available Classes and Requirements

MBU is designed to assist Scouts in completing requirements for merit badges. The instructors will address as many requirements as possible during the class. In order to facilitate these objectives, please review the following requirements.

Completed badges at MBU happen because Scouts come prepared and have their prerequisites done in advance!

Scout Leaders must certify that all Scouts:

  • bring a signed Waiver/Release form signed by parent or legal guardian
  • are eligibile and approved to take the merit badge class requested
  • have read the entire merit badge book for the requested class before MBU - bring it with you to class
  • complete all prerequisites* before MBU day - bring them with you to class
  • be First Class OR age 13 by MBU

Badge Information

BadgeTitleBookInstructorClass Limit
Aviation*Don Crews16
Citizenship in the Nation*Becky & Richard Cole20
Citizenship in the World*Tonya Scott20
Coin CollectingAndrew Oppmann20
Digital Technology*Michael Wheaton & Valerie Hackworth20
EngineeringVahid Khiabani, Misagh Faezipour, & Vishwas Bedekar20
Environmental Science*Max Ervin20
Game DesignJonathan Christian20
GeologyMark Abolins20
MusicAndrew Scott20
PhotographyMark Foley20
RoboticsElissa LeDoux10
SurveyingHeather Brown20
SwimmingPam Footit20
WeatherCaroline Scott20

*Additional Prerequisites

Some badges have additional prerequisites.

Merit BadgePrerequisites
  • 3B - build a model FPG-9
    • plans in merit badge handbook
  • You must drive your scout to the Airport and stay with them all day.
Citizenship in the Nation
  • 2, 3, 6, & 8
Citizenship in the World
  • Scouts should be prepared for #3 and #7
Digital Technology
Environmental Science
  • Minimum age of 14
  • 3E - Endangered species, Option 1 or 2

Adult Training Opportunities

Boy Scout Leader-Specific Training
Red Cross 1: Standard First Aid & Adult CPR
  • Adults only - this is not a merit badge.
  • No additional fee for certification.
    • $15 MBU fee still applies.
  • Two-year certification upon completion.
Regular Adult Program
  • General information and scouting-specific sessions for those not taking training.


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