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How to Put Together a Schedule
PipelineMT; Registration & Student Records; Priority Registration Tools – Schedule Planner; Enter semester and all classes planning to take; Hit “Review your Selections”; Submit; Find a schedule you like and hit Full View; Choose this Schedule or use drop-down arrows on the side for each class; Copy the CRNs (Course Registration Numbers) and past them into Add or Drop Classes (explained below). 

Find the CRN
Sign in to Pipeline.  Choose “Registration and Student Records” then “Look up Classes”.  Search by the term then the prefix of the class you are wanting to take, for example, BCED.  Scroll down to the class number you want to take, for example, 6820.  Click “View Sections” to see what sections are offered.  The CRN is the 2nd column listed. 

How to Register (Add or Drop Classes)
Log in to PipelineMT, click on Registration & Student Records in the left menu.
1.  Click on Add or Drop Classes and select the desired term.
2.  If it is not your assigned registration time or you have a hold, you will not be able to access this screen.
3.  On the Add or Drop Classes page, scroll down and enter your course reference numbers (CRNs) in the boxes, starting from the left. You can enter one CRN at a time or multiple. If a course requires a corequisite, both CRNs must be entered before clicking Submit Changes.
4.  Errors in your schedule will appear immediately. If needed, find an alternate section of a class to take and enter that CRN instead. Contact your advisor if you are having trouble getting into a class you discussed taking for that semester.
5.  Read how to resolve specific registration error messages by clicking on Registration Errors—Click here for assistance. Contact the department offering the course for any needed overrides.
6.  To drop a course, scroll down to the current schedule and click on the drop-down arrow and choose the available drop option. Then click on Submit Changes.


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