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Email all submissions to:


All Submissions:

Regardless of medium submitted, submission should include a composers commentary of up to 500 words attached to submission in email. Things you could talk to us about, including but not limited to:

What are your writing inspirations? What inspired you to create this piece, specifically? What were some influences which guided you? What was your writing process for this work? Did you go through multiple drafts? Did you have a way of composing the piece, like a storyboard or an outline? Did you learn anything from this experience about yourself as a writer? What is your favorite book on writing, and what about it appeals to you? 

Questions about commentaries? Email us.

For the Written Word: 

We welcome content across a variety of genres, including essays, personal writing, creative nonfiction, all kinds of fiction, and poetry. We aren’t totally sure what we love until we read it, so send it to us and let us fall in rapture with your work. 

Alternate Media: 

Any video or sound project should be submitted as a link.

Who can Submit:

We welcome submissions from all members of the MTSU community: students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Applicants do need have to a MTSU email address to apply to our journal. Please email us your submission to from your MTSU email.

Things We Really Love: 

We encourage our contributors to consider discussing with us -- either in the magazine or in our forthcoming Podcast series -- their creative process. This can be a blurb or a brief statement, but we love to share with others how we create.

We also welcome first-time authors to submit their publications with us: we encourage revision, and this is a platform welcome to that process. 

A Note on Copyright, Creativity, and Integrity: 

It goes without saying (but we will anyway), that you should be the original creator of your art -- be it written or otherwise, that you have reproduction and publishing rights, and that you are okay with it being published in our magazine. You retain the rights to your work (meaning you are welcome to publish it elsewhere), but know that it will appear on on the Internet and will be permanently archived. 


  • All manuscripts must be double-spaced for fiction and nonfiction. Poetry may be single spaced
  • All manuscripts should be formatted in a readable (12 point) font, with at least 1 inch margins
  • Please include your full name and MTSU affiliation (student, faculty, staff, alumni) on the manuscript
  • For art: please include the medium of composition and the title of the piece (IE: “Photo”/Watercolor)
  • All submissions should come through our email.  If you have a video, recorded song, or other media of this nature, you are welcome to email the link to